Red Sea - Just For Women - South & St. John's (from Marsa Ghalib Port)

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St John's and Fury Shoals Reef System


Note: Minimum of 40 logged dives recommended


Women Only Liveaboard Dive TripsFor those who fancy a break from the man in their life or a holiday with girlfriends!


Sailing to the southern most reefs, these cruises depart from Marsa Ghalib or Hamata to the vast reef system of Fury Shoals and St John's.


At Fury Shoals, dive Shaab Claude with its famous swim-throughs and huge porite corals. White Tip Reef sharks and an anemone and clownfish settlement can be seen a little off the reef to the South. Abu Galawa Soraya has a fantastic coral garden and a wreck of a private sailing boat packed with glass fish.


Dive Shab Sharm, with its wall dives and White Tip Reef Sharks. Oceanic White Tips and Silky Sharks can sometimes be found in the blue, and turtles often visit the South side before heading further south to Wadi Gamal, with its flowing banks of hard yellow and green soft coral, resident angel and butterfly fish, and in the right season, huge schools of placid jack and tuna visit the area.


South to St Johns, with it's vast collection of small reefs offering some of the most remote and rewarding diving in the Red Sea. Habili Ali offers giant gorgonians and black corals whilst Grey Reef, Silvertip and schools of Hammerhead sharks might be found on the west side. Habili Gafaar is a mass of soft corals teaming with shoals of snappers, butterfly fish and barracudas. Mantas, Oceanic White Tip, Grey Reef and Silvertip sharks can be seen in the blue. Gota Kebir is a massive reef, famous for its tunnels and south plateau, where jacks and barracudas can be seen and the occasional manta. The tunnels are ideal for novice cave divers.


Gota Soraya is rated as possibly one of the best wall dives in the Red Sea, with overhangs and cracks in the reef wall full of glass fish and sweepers, and an abundance of corals, Grey Reef, Silvertip, Oceanic White Tip and Hammerhead sharks.


No hairdryers or make up required!


Photographs courtesy of Emperor Divers


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