Mozambique - Ragged Tooth Shark Aliwal Shoal & Mozambique

Situated on the south coast of KwaZulu Natal and rated as one of the top ten dive sites in the world. A site where one can experience seeing all the tropical fish, whales, dolphins, sharks, turtles and rays. A real adventure!

Aliwal Shoal was named after the sinking of the three mast vessel known as the "Aliwal" captained by James Anderson in 1849. The Aliwal Shoal is now recognized as one of the finest dive sites in the world, and the prime attraction is the famous Ragged Tooth shark. These fierce looking but amiable sharks have made the shoal their home during South Africa's Winter months and it is common to dive among the packs of 15-20 Raggies.

Once the Ragged Tooth sharks leave during the month of November, the other sharks make their presence felt. Schooling hammerheads are abundant in the summer months. The occasional Zambezi (bull shark) pays a visit and you may be blessed with a large tiger shark.

Besides the sharks, Aliwal Shoal also offers two wreck dives:

1) "The Nebo" is reported to have been carrying materials for the Van Stadens river bridge back in the 1800's when she was sunk due to incorrect loading. She was very top heavy and when she encountered rough seas she, went belly up and sank. The wreck, which is over 100 years old, is broken into two main parts. If the visibility is good or you have an experienced dive master, it is a simple navigation exercise to get from one part to the other. One regular fish species found is the Natal Catfish, Harlequin Goldies are also seen on the wreck and is endemic to this area. Round Ribbontail Ray, Sharpnosed Stingray and Greyspot Guitarfish are just a few visitors in the sand around the Nebo.

2) "The Produce" is an old cargo vessel that was allegedly carrying molasses. It is 119m long and lies facing North. She has come to rest on her starboard side and her back is broken leaving her mid ship very flat and scattered. Her propeller has been salvaged, however her spare prop can still be seen on her bow. There is a number of swimthru's for the more experienced diver and it is advisable to bring a torch with on this dive to have a better look inside as light doesn't penetrate in all the swimthru's.

Also the host to Giant Brindle Bass, which are massive fish about 2m long, and 1.5m wide. Divers can also see Harlequin Goldies, scorpionfish and Stonefish. The coral on this wreck consists more of soft than hard coral. Some of the soft coral found here is Fire coral, Whip coral, Green fern coral, Polyp coral and yellow Turret coral.

Mozambique has persevered, despite the brutal civil war and the dramatic floods which ravaged this poor country. Mozambicans are putting their shattering past behind them and are rebuilding their country at a remarkable pace.

Mozambique is a country of spectacular beauty. It has 2500 km of inspirit coastline, with pristine beaches and virgin reefs. Having been colonized by the Portuguese, it has a rich and diverse culture, a smelting pot of African, Arab and European influences. Hear the Afro-lating beat of the local music. Walk on miles of deserted beach, surrounded by coconut palms leaning in the breeze, and you'll know you've truly come to paradise!

Whatever your needs to have fun in the sun in Mozambique, you have came to the right place!


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Sample Itinerary

DAY 1:

  • Arrival at Durban Airport, Transfer to Umkomaas
  • Accommodation at one of the various comfortable guest houses - availability depending
  • Bed and breakfast basis
  • Rest of the day free

DAY 2,3,4,5,6:

  • You will be served breakfast at the guest house
  • Are you ready for some of the most exiting dives off your life!!!
  • The semi rigid Zodiacs are fully equipped with everything, from a GPS, first aid kit, oxygen... your gear will be packed, ready and waiting aboard.
  • After 2 very "energetic" dives you'll be ready for a nice afternoon siesta, maybe a bite to eat at Sebastian's, the local coffee shop, or some sightseeing. You are in Africa!!
  • Why not visit the Crocodile Farm nearby, or the local Game Reserve, you cannot miss a visit to the Natal Shark Board, or some shopping in Durban, the dive centre, they will gladly assist you.

DAY 7:

  • Breakfast
  • You have a full free day ahead of you, what about a day trip to one of the main South African Game Reserves, Hluhluwe/Umfolozi, or a day with the Zulus in Zululand, learn more about their lives and sharing a traditional cooked Zulu meal with them? We can pre-book all that for you, to make sure that you won't miss out, just let us know.
  • Dinner at the guest house

DAY 8:

  • Breakfast
  • Transfer to Durban Airport
  • Arrival at Maputo Airport
  • Land Transfer to Inhabame, Jangamo Bay
  • Accommodation at Jangamo is in 2 to 4 bedrooms bungalows with private lounge and kitchen, built from local materials such as palm, coconut wood and leaves. The Bungalows are situated on top of sand dunes, overlooking the ocean and the long sandy, virgin beach.
  • Bed and Breakfast basis
  • Restaurant available for lunches and dinners

DAY 9,10,11,12,13:

  • Breakfast
  • 2 dives per day

DAY 14:

  • Breakfast
  • Free day

DAY 15:

  • Land transfer Back to Maputo International Airport
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