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Wakatobi Palm Bungalow Wakatobi Beach Wakatobi Ocean Bungalow

Wakatobi is a remote and exclusive resort located in an Indonesian archipelago blessed with the planet’s most pristine and prolific tropical reefs. You can be a guest in a resort built by divers for divers who are able to appreciate what Jacques Cousteau called “probably the finest diving site in the world” – a view since echoed by many hundreds of divers from all over the world.


Wakatobi is where you can experience the dive vacation of your dreams. The resort offers excusive access to more than four dozen dive and snorkel sites in pristine waters surrounding the island and offers total freedom to dive day and night, whether you are a recreational or hard core diver.


Although one of the world’s most remote resorts, Wakatobi offers a whole new level of comfort and class not usually associated with a typical dive resort. The beach villas and bungalows are spacious, tastefully decorated and offer all the amenities you would expect in any fine resort.


After their dives, guests can enjoy a sampling of local and international cuisine that has been prepared by the resort’s team of renowned chefs.


Included in the amenities is a spa area that offers a variety of treatments to make any stay even more enjoyable.


Despite its remoteness, getting to the island is made easier as the last leg of the journey, from Bali, is on a private chartered plane to the resort’s own airport!


If you are seeking even more remote dive sites in the Indonesian archipelago, Wakatobi has its own live aboard, The Pelagian.


Can’t decide? Don’t worry - combination packages are available to experience the absolute best of both worlds.


Wakatobi Resort


The Wakatobi Resort Organization has everything needed to turn your dive vacation in paradise into the rebreather trip of a lifetime. Whether a single diver or a group of rebreathers, and whether you are on their award-winning resort or their incredible liveaboard, the Pelagian, they have the ability to tend to your every need, from stocking scrubber, CCR cylinders, and bailout bottles to having several mixed gas blenders on the resort staff. Special boat dives can be arranged, unique and spectacular shore diving waits on the steps of the resort. Wakatobi’s 5-star TDI training center caters to every level of diver from beginner to technical and strives to always have a CCR guide on hand for added service, comfort and experience in finding the critters that elude the bubble-blowers.


The resort dive boats can accommodate up to 12 CCR divers, while the Pelagian would be limited to 8 experienced CCR divers in group settings, and as always, singles are always welcome. Give us a call for more information, or click here for our resort CCR detail sheet for Wakatobi.


Photos courtesy of Wakatobi Resort


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