An Introduction to Malaysia


Malaysia is situated seven degrees north of the equator in Southeast Asia. The northern part of Peninsular Malaysia borders Thailand. To the east is the South China Sea, to the south is Singapore and to the west are the Straits of Melaka.


Malaysia has a warm and humid climate. The humidity is about 80% all year round and temperatures range from 21 to 32°C. The climate is affected by the northeast and southwest monsoons, tropical winds that alternate during the course of the year.


Much of Malaysia is mountainous and they include two of the highest mountains in south-east Asia. Dramatic limestone outcrops, fascinating caves and spectacular waterfalls can also be found.


About four-fifths of Malaysia is covered by tropical rainforest, one of the most complex and rich ecosystems in the world. It is home to about 15,000 species of flowering plants and trees, 600 species of birds and 210 species of mammals. The Malaysian government has set aside more than 1.49 million hectares to protect them from development and has enacted legislation to save Malaysia's precious rainforest and its rare wildlife.


Malaysia plays host to an amazingly diverse range of scuba destinations, from cavorting with turtles and swirling tornadoes of barracuda in Sipadan Island to the pristine coral atoll and hammerhead sharks in Layang Layang. You can find migrating whale sharks around Lankayan and macro diving in Mabul and Kapalai islands. Sabah (Malaysian Borneo) is the basis of Malaysia's claim as home to world class scuba diving. If you're looking for a memorable break on beautiful equatorial islands with pristine white sand beaches coupled with outstanding underwater marine beauty and diversity, then scuba diving in Malaysia is bound to have something for you. Just budget plenty of spare time - there are so many outstanding opportunities on offer.


Malaysia is a land of fascinating sights and attractions. Rich in color and contrasts, her multi-faceted charm provides intriguing images that leave visitors with memories to cherish.


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