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To experience the best of diving in the Maldives, you need to move with the seasons and the currents. Diving from Ocean Dancer allows this and gives you the optimum chance of seeing thrilling animals such as sharks, whale sharks and manta rays. To experience the best of your diving holiday aboard Ocean Dancer, you need to ‘go with the flow’ and not expect a typical live-aboard experience, Dancer or otherwise! Go into this trip with this attitude and you’ll come away with the experience of a lifetime.

Maldives Ocean Dancer


Your cruise will take you through the atolls to the very best of the dive sites and you can enjoy three dives a day as well as excursions to fishing islands and a range of resort islands on the way. Don’t be concerned about the number of daily dives…what you might lose in quantity you will gain in quality and you will take home memories of the veryspecial ‘Magic of the Maldives’. With so many dive sites to choose from, it is important to have a crew who knows where to find the best available ones on any given day at any given time. The Ocean Dancer crew delivers an itinerary designed to do just that. Maldives Map


Ocean Dancer accommodates 16 guests in comfortable air-conditioned cabins with ensuite bathrooms and first-class amenities. With dive gear and compressors housed on the Dhoni, Ocean Dancer has more lounging deck space than most liveaboards and features elegantly appointed lounge and dining areas.


Your Ocean Dancer dive adventure is facilitated by a 55-foot Diving Dhoni, a comfortable boat accommodating all 16 divers. Equipped with high pressure air & Nitrox compressors on board, this custom-built Dhoni stores all your dive gear and accesses the area's shallow atolls while cruising at 12 knots. It is a self-contained operation with a dedicated crew. Up to three to four dives a day are offered on Ocean Dancer,with a limited number of night dives depending upon weather conditions and currents.


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