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Abyss World has created a truly unique concept to offer you the best and take you on a nomadic discovery with 4 different safaris throughout the archipelago of the Philippines.


The varying safaris cater to different experience levels and are all suitable for accompanying non divers and families as the itineraries have you stay on shore in charming local hotels, yet provide the convenience and variety you would normally only find on a liveaboard. Abyss World’s bangkas (the traditional Philippino outrigger boat) provide both a mode of transport and a dive base, taking guests on 3 to 5 different complementary stages (depending on the safari chosen).


Select from one of these amazing fully guided itineraries ranging from 7 – 12 nights:*

  • Dive safari Duka Bay - Anda – Camiguin
  • Authentic safari to Malapascua and Limasawa
  • Diving safari in the Visayan Archipelago

English and French speaking guides and Philippino mariners put all their local knowledge at your disposal for the discovery of the Visayas, Camiguin, or Magellan. Enhanced by privileged visits to the native population ontheirislands, these nomadic safaris are a truly unique experience.


THE SAFARIS: Dive Safari Duka Bay - Camiguin - Anda:

The latest of the ABYSS safaris, this nomadic itinerary permits us to discover another region protected from mass tourism, where direct contact with the local people and the natural environment helps this safari retainall its originality.A bangka (a Philippino outrigger boat) is used as the mode of transport and the base for your diving, 4 stages, a selection of small hotels and excursions, these are the ingredients of Abyss World’s latest safari. The diving in this region is extremely varied: macro fauna is constantly found on beautiful coral plateaus or in the black sand lagoons. Abrupt drop offs or gentle slopes, multiple underwater sc enery of volcanic origins. This safari will satisfy avid divers who wish to experience different diving opportunities and discover preserved sites. Punctuated by visits on land, this safari isequally suitable for non diving companions andgroups.


Magellan - An authentic safari to Malapascua and Limasawa:

Just like Ferdinand de Magellan, your expedition will take you to Limasawa, a small island in the region South of Leyte, steeped in historysince the Spanish conquest of the 16th century. During your safari you will already have discoveredsites such as Malapascua Island, which has a superb white sandy beach and has gained notoriety due to the discreet thresher sharks that patrol the blue waters. Other sites include Calangaman where we finda long beach of fine sand, Baybay, a charming small village both authentic and welcoming or Gato andQuatro Islas, with their underwater treasures. But don't forget the majestic whale sharks, that the Philippinos call "bulinao", which for several months of the year visit the bay of Sogod.


The Magellan safari is designed for experienced divers who wish to combine "deep blue" dives, in search of large fish life and dives oriented more towards fixed fauna and colours. For those who have already taken a Visayas safari, this itinerary will perfectly complement their experience of the Philippines.


Visayas - Dive safari in the Visayas Archipelago:

With a Bangka (Philippino outrigger boat) as your mode of transport and dive base, 5 complementary and different stages, a selection of charming small hotels, an archipelago where beauty and calm go hand in hand: welcome to the Visayas! Team Abyss guides and Philippino mariners provide you with all their local knowledge for an enchanting discovery of Cebu, Apo, Siquijor et Panglao. The diving in the Visayas is very easy yet rich in life and colour. The drop offs and coral gardens will surprise both the experienced and beginner diver. Punctuated by land visits providing privileged contact with the locals, this safari is equallydestined to accompanying non divers, groups and families. This safari has an itinerary of both 7 nights and 12 nights.

*Availability of safaris may be subject to seasonal operation

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