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Over 7000 islands make up the Philippines, which stretches to a length of 1200 miles.  Of those 7000 islands, only 2000 are inhabited, less than 1000 are larger than a square mile, and 2500 islands do not even have a name.  The coastline of the Philippines is nearly twice the length of the United States – giving it the well earned nickname of Asia’s “beach capital”.  With a tropical climate, miles of white sandy beaches, warm water, and a fantastic array of marine life, this spectacular part of the world is truly a diver’s paradise.

Magic Island resort is located on the island of Cebu.  Cebu City has an international airport with flights from several airlines across the globe.  Cebu City airport is about 55 miles from Magic Island Resort and you will be picked up by car for a beautiful scenic ride through the mountains to the resort.

Magic Island currently has 10 spacious cottages - 5 of them are suitable for 2 people while the other 5 are large enough to fit an extra bed if needed.  The cottages are outfitted with traditional yet comfortable décor and each have a private veranda overlooking the ocean or swimming pool.

Room Amenities:

  • Air conditioning and a ceiling fan

  • Hot water shower

  • Guest soaps and shampoo

  • Hair dryer

  • Safe deposit box

  • Pool towels

  • Unlimited mineral water for free

  • Private balcony with chairs

Treat your taste buds at the Magic Island resort!  The spacious restaurant offers traditional Philippine cuisine as well as European dishes such as pasta dishes and refreshing salads.  They also proudly offer an extensive vegetarian menu.  The bar serves Philippine San Miguel beer, wine, and delicious cocktails.  There is also a large lounge complete with a marine library – an excellent place to wind down for the evening.  Just behind the restaurant is a large ocean front terrace.  From here you will have fantastic views of Pescador and the Bandian Islands, the mountains of Cebu, and of course the turquoise waters.  Relax in the sun or the shade and sip on a native chocolate milk or mango shake.  One of the other terrific relaxation spots is the spacious sunbathing deck that surrounds the large swimming pool.

Diving in the Philippines is something every diver should experience.  The vast amount of flora and fauna will shock even the most experience of divers.  The terrain is varied also with slopes, walls, small caves, and canyons.  Magic Island Dive Center is a PADI dive center and will cater to your every wish and ensure a trip of a lifetime!  Each evening, the crew will plan the next day’s dives which typically consist of three boat dives and a night dive.  Each dive site is relatively close with a maximum 20 minute boat ride, so you will often have the chance to come back to the resort in between dives.  The dive center has three traditional banka dive boats which were built locally and specifically for Magic Island Dive Center.  Water temperatures range from 80-84 degrees Fahrenheit year round.  

Magic Point is the fantastic house reef (a drop off) is located just in front of the dive center.  The depth runs from 15-180 feet and visibility ranges from 50-80 feet.  There is a ton to see – from turtles to schools of jacks and even the occasional white tip reef shark have been spotted!  When the sun goes down, a whole new world awakens with decorator crabs, cuttlefish, sea snakes, and more!  One extremely unique dive done at Magic Point is Flouro diving.  This fairly new dive uses a special blue light at night to illuminate the corals.  This is a night dive like no other where corals come alive with vibrant neon colors!

The Philippines are typically not known for large creature encounters, but the waters surrounding Cebu and Moalboal have hosted some incredible whale shark and dolphin encounters.  Whale sharks visit these waters year round because the water is rich in plankton which they feed on.


More to explore….

Kawasan Falls – Day trips can arranged to these magnificent falls.  After a short drive, you will hike through the jungle passing through villages along the Kawasan River.  The falls have 5 levels, and you are able to visit each one, ending at the top where you will enjoy a BBQ and refreshing swim!

Moalboal Market - This lively market opens every morning at 5:30 and is stocked with delicious and colorful fruits and vegetables as well as freshly caught fish.  On Sundays, the market is filled with traditional Filipino clothing, handcrafts, food, and more!  This is worth getting up early for!



Photos courtesy of Magic Island Resort


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