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Here at Deep Blue Adventures, you are not just another number or a dollar sign. We know how important your vacation is to you and we take your arrangements personally. As our client you will receive the top-level of service as we endeavor to make your plans a reality. Part of this is we take the time to try to get to know you a little as well as your demands and desires, and our hope is that along the way, we build a long-lasting and sincere relationship with you. Allow us to introduce ourselves for a moment and see why our team is so special.

Cheryl Patterson - CEO & Founder

Cheryl Patterson Founder and CEO of Deep Blue AdventuresCheryl was born and raised in London, England, and has been an avid traveler since visiting Venice at the age of 8. During her school years, she traveled extensively throughout Europe and the Mediterranean and her early passion for travel romanced her into earning a degree in Travel & Tourism with distinctions at age 18.

Cheryl's career has taken her from travel agencies and tour operators in the UK to American Airlines in the US. It was while in Tucson, Arizona, that she first gave scuba a try, and in a breath, her second passion was born. She went on to earn her instructor certificate in order to share her love for diving with others.

Cheryl recognized a large gap in these industries when it came to providing full customer service and an honest and quality product to scuba enthusiasts. Between travel and diving, it seemed only natural to combine her two passions into one, and thus, Deep Blue Adventures, Cheryl's highly successful dive travel company, was created. Cheryl’s deep love for the sport fuels her goal to provide the scuba community properly and completely, and at the same time show that above and below and everywhere in between, there is an untold story to share with the planet.


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Terri Huber - Senior Travel Specialist

Terri Huber Senior Travel SpecialistTerri Huber has had a passion for the oceans of our world and all their inhabitants since her first dive back in 1984. With this passion in mind, Terri decided in 1998 that corporate banking was no longer where she belonged, and decided to turn her love of diving into a career.

Terri worked for Peter Hughes Diving and the Dancer fleet for numerous years, where she gained a vast and intimate knowledge of numerous premier and exotic dive locales situated across the globe. Seeking out the unique and unusual creatures that are indigenous to these varied waters, she found it getting difficult to convey the majestic qualities of these encounters to family and friends, and so took up photography as a way of capturing these inspiring moments forever.

In 2009, Terri leveraged her knowledge and skills and capitalized on the opportunity to work for Deep Blue Adventures. Working a completely different aspect of dive travel from the Dancer Fleet, Terri found the challenge rewarding and refreshing as she learned about even more phenomenal dive destinations. The ultimate joy, though, is sharing all this knowledge and experience with each of her clients, and ensuring that their quest for their perfect dive vacation is fulfilled.



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Andie Stahl - Assistant Travel Specialist & Administration

Andie StahlAndie Stahl was born and raised in beautiful Asheville, North Carolina. She was introduced to the wonders of nature at a young age as her family regularly camped the Great Smokey and Appalachian Mountains of western North Carolina. This early fascination with the wild was further nurtured as her family often traveled far beyond their home state to some of the best areas that attract divers. It was on one such trip to Key West, Florida, that 12 year old Andie meshed her love of the outdoors with the call of the sea and got her dive certification. Since that point, her life has never been the same as she travels the globe whenever possible, enthralled by her love of the deep blue! These travels have taken her throughout Mexico, Europe, the Caribbean, and the South Pacific. Her passion for scuba diving and love of travel has only grown with each and every adventure.

Amongst her travels, Andie found time to attend school, ultimately graduating from East Carolina University in 2008 with a double major in Anthropology and Sociology. Upon graduation, she eagerly settled on the coast near Emerald Isle, North Carolina, where she still resides. With both a diving and globe-trotting background in her veins, she worked at a retail dive shop, followed by a local vacation company, where she gained an array of experience including arranging travel, marketing, customer service and much more.   

While living minutes from the beach has made Andie's passion accessible, joining the Deep Blue Adventures' team made her dream a reality.



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Cindy Knutson -  Travel Specialist

Cindy KnutsonHaving raised 2 boys to near adulthood, Cindy seized the opportunity to earn her SCUBA certification when she re connected with and married a classmate from Jr. High school.  Scott, an avid diver and underwater videographer helped coach Cindy though a nearly vertical dive profile.  Certified in the frigid and murky waters off the California coast, followed almost immediately by a 10 day live aboard experience (arranged by Terri Huber) to Palau!  Spoiled rotten from then on, Cindy & Scott have acted as group leaders throughout the Caribbean and Southern Pacific for over a decade. After years of arranging travel through Deep Blue Adventures, Cindy became one of our very own travel specialists and we are excited to have her onboard. She is incredibly detail orientated and loves enlightening her friends and clients to the wonders that live below and above our earth’s oceans. 

Having been a member of her local snow ski club for the same amount of time and serving on its board in the capacity of Director of Winter Activities, Cindy brings a wealth of knowledge to the Deep Blue team. Above or below Cindy certainly goes above and beyond to ensure the best possible experience for her clients.






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