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Below are just some of the activities and attractions that await you in Dominica. We will be happy to arrange any of these and more to complete your customized itinerary. Please contact us for more information.


Let the path to adventure feel your footsteps. Whether you're an experienced explorer or a novice adventurer, Dominica has a trail waiting for you to discover. Trailheads are found throughout the forest reserves, national parks and island resorts. These pathways provide you with a tour of the lush, green rainforests and some trails lead to romantic waterfalls with excellent swimming and photo opportunities.


Dominica is one of the best places in the Caribbean for kayaking. Kayakers glide along the island’s shoreline enjoying tranquil Caribbean waters and rainbow hued fish on the islands west coast.


When it comes to sport fishing opportunities, Dominica catches more than just your attention. Drop-offs are close to shore. There is no need to burn a day’s fuel getting to where the action is; a mere 15 minutes from the dock and your lines are in the water. Virgin waters are calm, temperatures balmy and the backdrop of the island’s scenery is picture-perfect. Anglers coming to Dominica can delight in fishing Barracuda, Dorado, Marlin, Tuna or Wahoo on the numerous banks and drop-offs coupled with year-round fair weather. Fishing is mostly on the leeward (western) side of Dominica and at two productive banks offshore at opposite ends of the island. One is five miles off the north coast in the Guadeloupe Channel, the other; Macouba Bank is 12 miles southeast of Dominica. Half-day and full-day charters are available. Cost range from US $400-$800 and include bait, tackle, drinks and snacks.



Whales and dolphins are present in Dominica’s waters year-round. Various species of numerous dolphins commonly swim and jump along side and in front of operators' boats and sightings of the resident population of Sperm Whales are common due to the depths of warm west coast waters. Dominica is lauded as a top destination among Sperm Whale watchers for the social interaction that occurs among females, males, juveniles and calves. Whale watchers may be fortunate enough to see a 30 to 59 foot-long sperm whale breach and stare at them as its impressive head emerges from the deep blue. They also have an excellent chance of seeing whales search for food, mate or give birth during the peak season from November to June. Since there is no "off-season" operators usually assure that you’ll see either whales or dolphins – chances are better than “90 percent”.


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