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Divers and other coral reef visitors are becoming some of the strongest and most effective advocates for coral reef conservation. Please follow these simple guidelines and be a "coral friendly" diver.


Choose Coral Friendly dive operations that practice reef conservation by:







  • Choose dive operations whose boats make use of available moorings—anchors and chains destroy fragile corals.
  • Make sure garbage is well stowed, especially light plastic items.
  • Be sure to take away everything you brought on board, such as packaging and used batteries.



  • Support coral parks and other conservation projects by:
    • Paying user fees in recognized coral parks and conservation areas that are actively supporting coral reef conservation.
    • Encouraging and supporting the use of dive moorings.
    • Filling in wildlife sighting forms.
    • Participating in cleanups.
    • Volunteering your skills.
    • Donating used equipment such as cameras, dive gear or reef ID books.
    • Avoid purchasing souvenirs made from coral, turtles or other marine life—often this is illegal, and it’s never environmentally wise.
    • Speak up; make sure your dive buddies understand these simple but important conservation practices.
    • Good divers know the best way to enjoy a reef is to slow down, relax and watch as reef creatures go about their daily lives undisturbed. Be sure to find out about local laws and regulations as they may differ from these general guidelines.



These guidelines were developed by the Coral Reef Alliance (©) CORAL and are co-endorsed by the Project AWARE Foundation.


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