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We are proud to announce our newest featured cause - collecting school supplies for both students & teachers in the Philippines.


Foundations for the FutureOur good friends at Atlantis Resorts in recently brought to our attention the desperate need for even the most simple of school supplies & volunteered to help in any way possible through their already established foundation. They have provided us a list of local schools, their needs & have arranged a collection point at Atlantis Puerto Galera to make this effort incredibly easy for any guests who would like to contribute.


If you are traveling to Atlantis we are happy to provide that list to you which includes many items that are very light & small to add to your suitcase. Working closely together, we also have the ability to get donations several times a year across to the Philippines for anyone not fortunate enough to be visiting this amazing destination in the near future. We would like to invite you to mail items to our company address or drop them off at our booth at one of the dive & travel shows or events we are exhibiting at & we will get them in the hands of the children.


If any dive stores or clubs are interested in becoming a local collection point, we would love to hear from you & will help you make that happen!


Summer is a great time to pick up supplies as stores stock up & offer some great low deals. As always, we love to have the younger generations get involved, and ask that students & scouts here at home who may have some unused or spare supplies to send their surplus items, or ask their parents to add an extra set of pencils when they go school shopping later this year as they would go to truly a wonderful cause.


Earlier this month, our own Terri Huber, accompanied by some of our favorite industry colleagues, visited the beautiful islands of Puerto Galera & Dumaguete, hosted by Atlantis Resorts. While there, Atlantis took the group to schools close to Puerto Galera where everyone dropped off their own personal donations. The children provided an amazing reception to the group and were excited & beyond grateful for the gifts. You can read more about their experiences and see more photos on our website and Good Will Diving Facebook Page.


We would like to thank Debbie Meeks (Empire Divers), Karl & Kurt Gustinger, Rick Baker & Rick Levy (Continental Airlines Dive Club), & Denise & JP Cottin for joining us in the Philippines & making it happen. Thanks are certainly in order to Gordon Strahan, one of the owners of Atlantis for making our effort a reality. We would also like to thank Roy Montoya of Atlantis for making all the arrangements & disbursements of the donations as well as John Boozer, Marketing Director for Atlantis for his complete support in this project.


While we are very excited about our new chapter with Good Will Diving, as with all of our causes, we would like to assure you that we remain very much committed to our previous efforts, & we will continue to collect & send reading glasses to the wonderful people of Fiji until there is not a single person left on one of her 333 islands that needs a pair.


On behalf of the people of Fiji, and all of our team members here at Deep Blue Adventures, we thank you in advance for your interest and support.


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