Eco-Friendly Travel - Sustainable Expeditions

What is Sustainable Travel?

Unlike the world of 50 years ago, today nearly everyone travels, to destinations near and far. The world has truly become a much smaller place than it it was just a generation or two ago. Travel by its very nature has an impact - often negative - on the environment, on the cultures and on the economies of local people who play host to tourism throughout the world. This is why sustainable travel - travel that leaves the world a better place for us having been there - is essential to help maintain a healthy balance between providing a means to enjoy the journey while at the same time protecting the very resources that attract us to lands near and far in the first place.


The Impacts of Travel and Tourism

Whether or not we like to think about it, the sheer process of travel depletes natural resources and causes pollution. Creating and maintaining the infrastructure for tourism often brings negative physical impacts on the environment... [read more]


Our Sustainable Trips

Length of Trip
Leafy Sea Dragon - Australia Please contact us to see what Sustainable Expeditions we might have available.




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