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Black Rock Lodge BelizeWelcome to Black Rock Lodge where stunning rainforest surroundings offer abundant opportunity for exploration and adventure. Whether canoeing down the pristine Macal River, horseback riding to the Flour Camp caves, or hiking up the various Canyon trails, the abundant diversity of the local flora and fauna is inspiring. 


Black Rock is home to over 200 species of birds and is one of the rare places in Central America where you can observe all three species of Toucan in one morning. In addition, the thrill of spotting either the Orange Breasted Falcon or the White Hawk soaring above the Canyon along with the auditory delight of tracking the distinct call of the Slaty-Tailed Trogon add to the excitement of awakening at Black Rock.  


The Lodge's passionate commitment to environmental stewardship is evident in every aspect of your stay. 


The resort also offers a variety of vehicle related tours in the region

Black Rock Lodge CabinAccommodations:

All 14 cabins boast stunning views of Black Rock Canyon, the Macal River, and the surrounding rainforest and wildlife. An inviting porch hammock is provided to enjoy the spectacular surroundings in total relaxation. The cabins are built to take advantage of the fresh mountain breezes with screened windows and high pitched roof lines, creating a bright and refreshing rainforest home for guests. Simply decorated, the cabins display artwork created by local artisans and craftspeople.

Vista Deluxe Cabin

The newest cabin, the Vista Deluxe, was completed in December, 2007.  The private deck provides a stunning view of the cliffs, canyon, river, and waterfall while the interior of the cabin is designed to be the ultimate haven in the middle of the rainforest.  A king bed with high thread-count bed linens and a delightful walk-in shower overlooking the canyon cliffs are two of the design details which offer guests a delightful experience.  With privacy, comfort and relaxation in mind, this cabin is the perfect retreat for couples on their honeymoon.

Deluxe Cabins

The Deluxe cabins are comfortable and private with terrific views of the Macal River and Canyon from the exterior porch. With spacious interiors, a hardwood writing desk, pleasant seating arrangement, and lovely decoration these cabins are ideal for couples, families, or friends traveling together. Two comfy queen beds to make sleeping in the mountains a wonderful experience. The private bathrooms include beautiful mahogany woodworking.

River View Cabins

River View Cabins are equally as comfortable, and private.  Each has one queen bed and one double bed, a private bathroom, and exterior porch. With excellent views of the Canyon, these cabins are a delightful home-away-from-home during your visit to Black Rock.

Shared Bath Cabin

The Shared Bath cabin is identical in construction to the River View cabin, with a lovely view of the canyon and river.  The dry-composting toilet is located in a separate, thatched roof structure, about 5 yards from the cabin.  The hot-water showers, shared with other lodge guests, are located about a 30 second walk from the cabin.  With two double beds, the Shared Bath cabin is a budget-friendly accommodation, perfect for any traveler.

Vehicle-related tours offered by Black Rock Lodge: 

All tours are guided by professional Belizean Tour guides licensed by the Belize Tourist Board and trained by both government and private sector experts. The tours offer highlight the best of Belize accessible, at times, by 4X4 vehicles only! 



Leave Black Rock Lodge at 8:00am and head to Caracol with a 4X4 and an experienced driver/tour guide. Journey through mountains, pine forest, across the Guacamallo (gua-ka-maa-yo) River and into dense jungle. Caracol is the largest Mayan ruin in Belize and believed to be one of the largest in Central America. Discovered in the 1930’s by a log hunter, it was not explored until the 1950’s when Linton Satherwaite of the University of Pennsylvania began to uncover its splendor. Due to its difficult accessibility, excavations were delayed until 1985, when Drs. Arlen and Diane Chase of Central Florida University took on the challenging task. At over 145 feet high, Caana (sky palace) towers above the rainforest. Caracol is famous for conquering the megalopolis Tikal when Tikal was at its peak. After exploring the main area of Caracol, drive to the Rio Frio (cold river) Cave. Hike through the cave along side the Rio Frio River. Then drive to the Rio On pools and cascades where guests can swim and cool off. Slide down a natural water slide or get a hydro-massage under a waterfall. Tour duration: full day (does not include entrance fees or lunch). 


The newest cave-adventure tour in Belize, and rated among the best in the world, Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave is a 45 minute jungle hike into the Tapir Mountain Nature Reserve. Explore Mayan burial chambers with calcified remains, (including the remains of a Maya Princess laid to rest centuries ago), ceremonial vessels, and numerous artifacts used by the Maya in their ritual ceremonies. Passage through this cave remains known to only to a few select guides who have permission from the Belize Department of Archeology to take visitors into the cave. Tour duration: full day (includes entrance fee & lunch). 


From Black Rock Lodge, travel in a 4X4 to the Mayan village of San Jose Succotz on the banks of the Mopan River. Board a small hand-cranked pontoon ferry to cross the river to Xunantunich (shoo-nan-too-nitch) Maya Ruin. After exploring the site, drive a short distance to the Tropical Wings Butterfly Research Center. See over a dozen species of Belizean butterflies. Then drive to the outskirts of San Ignacio to one of the most architecturally diverse Maya Ruins in Belize: Cahal Pech (ka-hall pet-ch). Climb though the ruins, see examples of the “corbelled” arch (the Mayas version of the Roman arch), and view 2,000 year old red plaster still intact on the walls. Tour duration: 3/4 day (does not include entrance fees or lunch).


After a leisurely start, leave Black Rock Lodge in a private 4X4 and drive down to the Hummingbird Highway to the Blue Hole National Park. Hike through jungle and into Saint Herman’s Cave. See albino catfish and albino crabs in a subterranean stream then hike or drive to the Inland Blue Hole. The Inland Blue Hole is an artesian well with azure crystalline water flowing to the surface. The blue hole is cool and the swimming is revitalizing. The stream flows a short distance where it then enters a cave and goes subterranean. After exploring these natural wonders, head to the Belize Zoo for even more natural wonders! The Belize Zoo has a large cross section of Belize’s animals and is one of the most ecologically sound zoo’s in the world. Most of the animals were either pets, pests, or found injured and rescued. From crocodiles to kinkajous, from jabirus to jaguars, and from scarlet macaws to stinky peccaries, the Belize Zoo has them all in huge jungle-filled enclosures. No visit to Belize would be complete without a stop here. When done, return to Black Rock Lodge. Tour duration: 3/4 day (does not include entrance fees or lunch).


A very early morning departure is required for guests going on the group tour to Tikal (6am). Depart from Black Rock Lodge and meet with the rest of the group from various hotels. Once assembled, the tour group heads for the border. Guests for the private tour can depart later in the morning (7:45am). A private 4X4 will pick you up at Black Rock Lodge and you’re off to the border. From the border, drive for 2 hours to the largest Mayan Ruin in Guatemala, Tikal! Tikal was discovered in 1848 and minor excavations commenced in 1877. Today, extensive excavations make it easy for guests to imagine what it was like back during its heyday, 550AD to 900AD. The sheer magnitude of the ruined city guarantees that you’ll burn out before you see it all. The group tour departs for Belize around 3pm. Guests in the private tour can stay longer.. Tour duration: full day.


Leave Black Rock Lodge by 9:00am and head for the mountains with a 4X4 and an experienced driver/tour guide. Journey to Hidden Valley Falls, better known as the Thousand Foot Falls, and see a stream plummet 1,400 feet into a fern and pine tree lined gorge. Look for the rare Orange-breasted Falcon, the King Vulture, White-tail Deer, and Brocket Deer. Drive to the Rio Frio (cold river) Cave and hike through the huge cavernous tunnel along side the Rio Frio river. Emerge on the other side of the tunnel then hike through the jungle back to the parked 4X4. Then drive to the Rio On pools and cascades where guests can cool off swimming in the cool pools or by sitting in their own natural jacuzzi. Guests can also slide down a natural water slide or get a hydro-massage under a waterfall. Tour duration: full day (does not include entrance fees or lunch).

Black Rock Lodge promises a vacation full of adventures as a destination on its own, but for our diving enthusiasts can be combined with any of our ocean side resorts.


One of the many ruins in Belize


Photographs courtesy of Black Rock Lodge


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