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Three decades ago, the creators of Anthony’s Key Resort envisioned a small, tropical hide-away that would allow adventurous travelers the opportunity to experience the beauty of Roatan, and the Caribbean as nature intended.

Today, the resort still retains an intimacy with its surroundings that is reminiscent of a peaceful island village. Charming, wooden cabanas dot the resort’s palm studded hillside and rim its shimmering lagoon. Reached by a brief boat ride from the resort’s main grounds, the tiny islet that is its namesake features more private cabanas and spectacular ocean vistas. While a favorite pastime among guests is lazing in the cabanas’ hammocks, more active visitors can enjoy various water sports on the key’s small beach.

Back at the resort’s main grounds, the restaurant and bar are perched high on a hillside surrounded by towering coconut palms. There, more sweeping views and fiery sunsets are served up alongside delicious tropical fare. Just steps below at the waters edge are the photo, gift and dive shops, where there is dockage for a fleet of state-of-the art dive boats. A short walk from there takes visitors to the Roatan Museum and Roatan Institute of Marine Sciences, where guests can participate in educational programs and encounters with marine mammals. More inquisitive guests can join trained naturalists across the lagoon on Bailey’s Key to interact with playful dolphins and observe some of the island’s indigenous plants and animals along the key’s nature trail.

Anthony’s Key Resort’s successful blend of nature, comfort and hospitality, continues to draw return visitors and thousands more in search of tranquility and adventure.

Imagine waking up in a Caribbean-style bungalow, a refreshing breeze rippling through the floor-to-ceiling windows. Picture yourself dining on seafood so succulent, it tastes as if it was just plucked from the sea. Think cool, tropical drinks delivered with a warm smile, as you watch a pyrotechnic sunset from a hilltop bar.

Anthony’s Key Resort is an island retreat renowned for its serene, carefree atmosphere. Yet here, little is sacrificed in the way of comfort. From the wooden cabanas perched above a sparkling lagoon, to the full-service restaurant and bar, and the most modern fleet of custom dive and snorkel boats in the Caribbean, nothing is overlooked. Everything you need can be found right here at the resort, from dive gear to sundries, film and souvenirs.

Key Superior Bungalow Key Superior hammocks Key Superior Bungalow

Anthony’s Key Dolphins:
AKR’s dolphin encounter and educational programs will satisfy the curiosity of guests of all ages. Here, you can snorkel with dolphins or dive with them in the open sea, accompanied by a dolphin behaviorist and videographer. Become a trainer-for-a-day, or enroll in a dolphin specialty course. During the summer months and Christmas and Thanksgiving holidays, AKR and the Anothony's Key DolphinRoatan Institute for Marine Sciences offer a six-day Dolphin Scuba Camp where children learn about and interact with dolphins. They also hone new snorkeling or scuba skills, and learn about the island's eco-system and culture.

The dolphin programs offer the unusual opportunity for divers and snorkelers to interact with dolphins on the mammal's own initiative. Interaction is achieved by the dolphin's natural curiosity. The open water dive is the optimal way to observe the dolphins in their natural habitat, where there is no feeding enticement to secure interaction with humans. The dolphin snorkel provides more opportunity for physical contact. For those who prefer to stay in waist-deep water, a dolphin beach encounter is also popular.

Roatan Institute for Marine Sciences 
The Roatan Institute for Marine Science is ideally located for marine study on the northwest coast of Roatan where over 30 miles of fringing and barrier reefs, seagrass beds, mangroves and shoreline are home to an astonishing profusion of life.

Founded in 1989, the primary objective of this facility is the preservation of Roatan's natural resources through education and research. In the past decade RIMS has established itself as a dedicated teaching institution. The facility is visited year-round by colleges, universities and high schools from abroad to study tropical marine ecosystems and the bottlenose dolphins housed at the facility. Many programs are for academic credit, some are in conjunction with other field research stations, and others are simply introductory courses to the ecology of coral reefs in the Caribbean.

Photographs courtesy of Anthony’s Key Resort


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