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Palau wrecks trips in 2016 and 2017

If you are a wreck lover then you are going to love what Palau Siren has prepared for you this upcoming season in Palau!


Only six weeks after the more famous attack on Truk Lagoon, the American Navy launched ‘Operation Desecrate One’ on Palau. The aim was to destroy as much of the remaining Japanese fleet, that had escaped from Truk, as possible. Over 2 days, more than 36 Japanese vessels, as well as sundry aircraft, were sent to the watery depths of the lagoon.


Very few of these wrecks have been dived regularly and those that have are normally dived only from outside by visitors to Palau. We have created, in conjunction with Sam's Tour Unique Dive Expeditions, a special itinerary that will offer your guests guided dives on the best wrecks in the area, complete with wreck penetration for those that are trained.


Both Richard and Paul are rebreather divers and so can accommodate long dive times, including decompression. Prior to each dive there will be an in-depth briefing for everyone on board which will include a detailed site map with entries/exits, points of interest, hazardous objects and special considerations for the dive to enable you to plan appropriately.


The S/Y Palau Siren provides equipment and facilities for deep, technical and rebreather diving for your convenience.


Available the following dates


• 03 June - 13 June 2016

• 16 February - 23 February 2017

• 26 July - 01 August 2017


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