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Thorfinn Liveaboard in Chuuk (Truk) Lagoon presents “The E-Pack Plan” – The Dive Package for budget-conscious divers. Just $1950 per diver for a week!

  • 3 daily air dives from a choice of 21 different dive sites.
  • 7 days/nights’ accommodations in double occupancy full facility rooms.
  • Free Fleet Broadband 500 wi-fi  Internet access, within bandwidth limits.
  • 7 dive days on Saturday itineraries, with extensions as available.
  • Valet system for dive gear, including cameras to / from boats to C deck camera tables.
  • Complimentary continental breakfast, with juice, toast, and coffee.
  • Airport or hotel transfers to ship with local history, ship details, and dive safety briefings.
  • Friday night BBQ buffet, with cultural party by select local crew members.

Looking for a little more robust dive itinerary? Try Thorfinn’s Sunrise Plan at $2350 per diver:

  • Continuous diving up to 5 times daily as conditions/location permit, from fine 32 ft. launches.
  • Free Nitrox EAN 32 to single cylinder users. Optional Multi-cylinders with custom blends.
  • Oxygen aboard supplied from high capacity oxy generators at 93% +or- 3%, purity.
  • 7 days/nights in double occupancy full facility rooms.
  • 7 actual dive days on Saturday itineraries, with optional pro-rated daily extensions as available.
  • Valet system for dive gear stowage, including cameras rinsed/delivered to C deck camera tables.
  • Delicious a la carte meals, between dive snacks, teas, coffee, soft drinks, juices.
  • Beer, wines, and spirits, at lowest bar prices.
  • Free Wi-fi Internet to 70MB, expandable at cost, via Inmarsat Fleet Broadband 500 system.
  • Airport or hotel transfers to ship with local history, ship details, and dive safety briefings.
  • Final Friday night barbecue buffet, with cultural party by select local crew members.

A 5% Local Service Tax, plus annual Dive Permit fee of USD $50/person is applicable.

Rates may change at any time without notice.


SS Thorfinn is one of the world’s best equipped live aboard dive cruisers, having cruised / explored Micronesian waters since 1982.

From operating base at Truk Lagoon, continuous non-stop diving is conducted 7 days per week, with up to 5 dives per day, on 5 differing sites – giving opportunity to view 30+ wrecks during a one week visit. Thorfinn’s structures and safety gear comply with IMO (International Maritime Organization) standards.

More Wrecks. More Daily Dives

Operating as Eco-Friendly, this ship utilizes island power plant waste lubes for its primary heating fuel under boilers driving it’s steam propulsion system. (please note.. a ‘green ship’ )

Twenty-two island staff provide cheerful personalized service on a 1:1 crew to guest ratio. They range from individually assigned dive crews attending each diver’s needs, to full time hostesses, deck maintenance staff, large machinery staff, and 2 chefs preparing varieties of tasty international cuisine. Special dietary requests are catered as available food supplies permit.

All diving is conducted from well designed, covered 30ft tenders with each craft diving separate sites to avoid crowding over a single mooring. Diving in small groups, experienced local guides will show the very best attractions at each site. Many have been with Thorfinn for more than 15 years.

Thorfinn’s crew is accustomed to working with technical and rebreather divers by supplying banded double cylinders, 3-4 liter pony bottles, and special rebreather bottles as may be requested. Both SodaSorb or Sofnolime are freely supplied, Optional Helium should be advance requested to ensure sufficient on-hand quantities. Partial pressure blending via an efficient series of electric and air driven gas boosters produce various mixes of Enriched Air Nitrox and Trimix to meet individual requests. Aboard Thorfinn, you’ll receive rewarding experiences in technical diving with ability to extend diving at many deeper sites.

The 50 by 30 mile Chuuk Lagoon is among the largest lagoons in the world. Due to its geographical placement, its enormous size, and attractive conditions it was deemed a great spot for the Empire of Japan to house its main naval base during World War II. In 1944 the United States visited the area and sunk dozens of warships and other vessels as well as destroying hundreds of aircraft.

The great battles and tragedy that was experienced in the lagoon in 1944 can now be witnessed by scuba divers in what is one of the greatest concentrations of shipwrecks on earth. There are almost 70 wrecks within the lagoon alone.

While the wrecks are usually the main draw there is also no shortage of marine life that can be found in the area. A wide variety of fish as well as schools of sharks and a good variation of corals can be found as well.


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