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Wreck diving in the Thousand IslandsDiscover diving Thousand Islands style with Dive Brockville and Abucs Scuba. 


The St. Lawrence River, the main shipping route use for centuries, is where hundreds of vessels met their fate. A wreck diver’s delight, wooden schooners with cargo of grain or coal, war ships of the early 1800 era, and modern day freighters all lie along the river bottom waiting to be explored.


Dive sites here range from easy shore diving in sites as shallow as 25’ all the way to technical diving opportunities at 240’. Add to this some wall diving and drift diving and the Thousand Islands really does have something for every scuba enthusiast!

One of Abucs Scuba's fleetBrockville is considered warm diving for its geographical location. Warm surface water from Lake Ontario flows and mingles around the many islands causing the water temperature to "equal out" through all depths! This area is known for its lack of thermocline, warm summer waters, and good visibility, making the diving experience that much more enjoyable.

Abucs Scuba operates out of Dive Brockville Adventure Centre, in downtown Brockville. With a fleet of four charter boats, They are one of the largest operators in the St. Lawrence. They have had the pleasure of offering a professional dive charter operation here for the last 11 years, accommodating every level of diver from newly certified to technical and re-breather.

The Adventure Centre offers a full range of needs for the diver and adventurer. From air fills- nitrox, tri-mix blending, dive equipment and accessories to bicycle, canoe and kayak rentals. Fishing gear rentals and worms for catching "the big one" are also available. The Helen C. and the Shop are also now Handicap accessible to truly handle every diver’s needs. One of the Islands

They have also been featured in numerous articles in the scuba and tourism industry including Dive Chronicles and Dive magazine. When you are ready to delve into the wrecks of the St Lawrence River, be sure you go with the best.



Photographs courtesy of Dive Brockville and Abucs Scuba.


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