When your dreams and our capabilities align, it results in the trip of a lifetime, every time.

SERVICE  As an independent, fully accredited IATA and ARC tour operator dedicated to divers and their companions, we can arrange every element of your scuba diving or adventure vacation at extremely competitive prices, from the moment you leave your home until the moment you return.

EXPERTISE  From eco-friendly to the highly exotic, our professionals agents’ expertise and experience combined with our full range of travel services removes the stress and aggravation from planning your trip, and your itinerary is truly personalized with the greatest attention given to the slightest of details.

COMMITMENT  Our commitment to our customers, including 24/7 live assistance in an emergency, coupled with our reputation of honest quotations and unbiased advice, is unmatched in the industry. But what we are most proud of is the enduring relationships we build with our clients through the understanding and anticipation of their personal wants and needs.

Rather than taking just another dive trip, we invite you to alight on a remarkable journey and enlist us to plan your next great escape. As a customer of NW Scuba you enjoy the benefits of your store being a preferred travel partner and support your local dive store!

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Jesse and Josh’s (Jonesy) lives changed after their first dives. They knew the ocean would become a part of their life. NW Scuba LLC is the result of their dreams and passion. NW Scuba LLC is devoted to giving their clients the same thrilling experience they had.
Founded in 2014 NW Scuba LLC was the result of their local dive shop closing. They love to dive and to share that love by teaching new divers. Let them help you discover the beauty of the ocean, it’s inhabitants and its mystery. From classes and excursions to special events hosted by their experts, they’re there to connect you with the sea.

They are part of a great community. Besides being underwater the best part of diving is the people you meet. They don’t think of you as customers, but as fellow divers and friends.
They strive to make your experience with them the best in the business.
Join them in some awesome adventures.

For group trips and all things scuba contact the shop at: (503) 442-2810 or by email:
[email protected]

For independent travel email:
[email protected]

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