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SERVICE  As an independent, fully accredited IATA and ARC tour operator dedicated to divers and their companions, we can arrange every element of your scuba diving or adventure vacation at extremely competitive prices, from the moment you leave your home until the moment you return.

EXPERTISE  From eco-friendly to the highly exotic, our professionals agents’ expertise and experience combined with our full range of travel services removes the stress and aggravation from planning your trip, and your itinerary is truly personalized with the greatest attention given to the slightest of details.

COMMITMENT  Our commitment to our customers, including 24/7 live assistance in an emergency, coupled with our reputation of honest quotations and unbiased advice, is unmatched in the industry. But what we are most proud of is the enduring relationships we build with our clients through the understanding and anticipation of their personal wants and needs.

Rather than taking just another dive trip, we invite you to alight on a remarkable journey and enlist us to plan your next great escape. As a customer of  you enjoy the benefits of SharkbudsDiveAdventures your store being a preferred travel partner and support your Local Dive Store!

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About Sharkbuds Dive Adventures

Sharkbuds Dive Adventures was born out of an idea to keep divers diving and going on trips by rewarding Returning Divers and offering Friend Referral rewards.

Business mission/values:
To be the Best Dive Travel Company by Ensuring Safe Escorted Fun Dive Trips to far off locations. We Cherish all of Our Returning and New Divers and take Pride in Helping Beginning Divers Enjoy Diving.

About Bob Newman, owner and founder

How I was introduced to the professional diving industry:
I was very fortunate to have met a Dive Instructor named John Norris of Aqua Specialists in Lakewood Ohio on a discover scuba trip to Stuart Coves in Nassau Bahamas. John passed away this year but not before becoming a Scuba Icon here in Ohio. John let me help him with classes and eventually certified me as a PADI Divemaster.

What I like best about my job:
I really enjoy traveling with other divers and sharing stories about all of our’s and their dive adventures.

Words of wisdom for those starting their career in the diving industry:
If you ever dreamed about diving or traveling the world, do not put it off for another day. Jump in and Get Wet, Take the Plunge as they say. There is nothing better than traveling and going diving and getting paid for it!

Best way to keep a competitive edge:
Keep up with all the advancements in equipment and technology. Listen to other people about their adventures and you can learn a lot about the World of Diving.

Biggest change I have seen in the professional diving industry since I started:
There has been a great deal of change including employment opportunities, new technology and new dive locations opening up to explore.

John Norris Owner Aqua Specialist (Lakewood Ohio)

About Bob Newman, “The Person”…

Something you’d find on my bucket list:
Dive Locations More Dive Locations

What I am most proud of:
My experience Diving with Sharks and getting my family involved with Diving

How I like to spend my free time:
Reading dive magazines, exploring dive related web sites, golfing and spending time with my family.

Favorite quote:
From Forest Gump “If I’d a known that was the last time I was gonna talk to Bubba, I would of thought of something better to say.”

Something people would be surprised to learn about me:
That I was in the Navy. I am trained in Medical Electronics and I currently am a Student at Bowling Green State University studying in Healthcare Administration.

My 5 dream Jeopardy categories:
Forest Gump, Diving, War Movies, Medicine, Politics


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