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Let’s face it, every single one of us has been impacted to one degree or another by Coronavirus. There is a quote going around social media how during this time we are not all in the same boat. The statement in the post is made that we are all in the same storm, but each of us face a different journey, and we wholeheartedly agree. Here at Deep Blue, we work with a variety of customers. The majority of these are local retail dive centers, but we also work with the direct public from a broad cross-section of industries and income levels. The nature of our business means that we work closely with our resort and liveaboard suppliers too. As you can imagine, our own world has been thrown completely off balance since Coronavirus first began, and the interactions we have almost daily, between our travelers and industry partners, cause us to emotionally swing from hope and positivity for our planet and for humanity to sitting with our heads in our hands choking back tears.

There are so many in need of help and support. However there are many others able to provide it and have been asking how. In response, we are connecting them with various foundations and fundraisers, many of which help the local staff or community at their favorite destinations. While we firmly believe in the resiliency of the dive industry, travel was one of the earliest trades to be hit and will be one of the longer to bounce back. We are excited about the news of reopening’s, but it will take a while to recover and we want to help as many as possible make it through this time a little easier.

If you are aware of one we have missed either at home or abroad, please let us know as we will be glad to add them. We won’t know that you have contributed, so we would like to thank you in advance for your generosity should you give. Hopefully before long we will be able to support these locations and many more in person and see their smiling faces for ourselves. Until then, we hope you and yours are safe and well.

Anse Chastanet, St. Lucia: Aid the 540 member team as they are temporarily closed for the first time since 1980. Donate to their fund or participate in their Buy Now, Stay Later initiative.

Anthony’s Key Resort, Roatan: Help AKR provide financial assistance to the local community in Sandy Bay or contribute to help their staff through financial hardship.

Atlantis Resorts, Philippines: Atlantis Resorts is already assisting their employees during these difficult times, however for every donation made, the owners will match your contribution.

Atmosphere Resorts & Spa, Philippines: Help support the friendly staff of Atmosphere Resorts & Spa during their first closure in 11 years of operations.

CocoView Resort, Roatan: Help CocoView support their hard-working 58 member staff of and families as they weather this storm.

Dive Paradise Employee Relief Fund, Cozumel: Send assistance to the staff at Dive Paradise in Cozumel to assist them during these difficult times.

Force Blue: Force Blue certifies and trains Special Ops Veterans who then go out into the world on various conservation “missions” across the globe. Many of the vets have PTSD and their lives have been transformed by this program. They rely 100% on donations which have almost completely dried up since COVID. This program brings a quality of life to our heroes, grows our diving community and saves our planet at the same time.

Heroes del Mar, Mexico: Year round, not just during COVID, Heroes del Mar give children an experience to last the ocean’s lifetime. Create the next generation of conservationists by providing education and opportunities to the children of small Mexican fishing communities. 

Jade Mountain, St. Lucia: Aid the 540 member team as they are temporarily closed for the first time since 1980. Donate to their fund or participate in their Buy Now, Stay Later initiative.

Koro Sun, Fiji: Help out the staff of Koro Sun resort and donate to feed the families of the surrounding villages during this time while so many are left unemployed and unable to provide for their families.

Lembeh Foundation, Indonesia: Lembeh Resort is a founding member of Lembeh Foundation and has programs that support local schools and sports teams as well as recycling. Lembeh Foundation operates continuously and not as a response to the impact of Coronavirus.

Misool Foundation, Indonesia: An already established foundation, not just during COVID, Misool Resort in Raja Ampat funds several projects including supporting the local community, and providing education and conservation of this special place above and below.

Scuba Du Employee Fund, Cozumel: Support the staff of Scuba Du dive center during COVID who are now unemployed.

St. Lucia Tourism Association: Whether the support is medical, educational or charitable to assist with cost of living expenses as businesses are closing and staff are being laid off.

Toucan Dive Staff Fund, Bonaire: Ron Willis and the crew at Westshore Divers in PA, have arranged a fund to assist the staff at Toucan Dive located at Plaza Resort, Bonaire while they are furloughed.

Walindi Resort Staff Fund, Papua New Guinea: There are no support plans in PNG. The people are on their own. Help the Walindi Resort family with your donations. It is said that one salary can trickle down to seven people.

Global Giving: Not sure where to give? Choose from over 5000 causes across the globe from providing education to disaster relief with a vetted and trusted international organization.

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