Cayman Islands, Caribbean – Sunset House

Sunset House

Grand Cayman, Caribbean

Sunset House is a dive resort located along a rocky coastline in beautiful Grand Cayman! The resort offers wonderful, simple rooms that are perfect for divers that stay at the resort. At Sunset House, visitors will find a pool with whirlpool feature & a sea pool with a ladder that’ll put you right into the Caribbean Sea that can be used for both snorkeling & diving.

As a family-owned business, tourists will find the hotel to be intimate & full of friendly faces. For those looking to explore a little, downtown is only a 15-minute walk from the resort. Sunset House is home to My Bar & Sea Harvest Restaurant – both of which are favorites amongst guests & locals. You’ll be sure to enjoy the food & the atmosphere!


Sunset Divers

At Sunset House, divers can stride out 20 yards from the shoreline & be immersed into what the beautiful Caribbean Sea has to offer. The house reef is home to a variety of fish & have resident sea turtles & eels, with even a manta ray being spotted from time to time. The shore dive is great for both simple buoyancy checks & a great dive where you can go at your own pace & still see beautiful reefs.



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Coral Nursery

Divers are able to dive the coral nursery that Sunset House cares for with a dive guide. The Cayman Islands Department of the Environment has agreed to allow the resort to grow Staghorn Coral & there are hopes to add more species of corals to the nursery soon. Divers can join their guides in helping to maintain coral health and promote growth in the nursery by monitoring for stress, predation, & disease. This dive is both beautiful & educational, therefore is a must for the divers concerned about the well-being of our oceans!


Stingray City

Long ago, fishermen would return from their fishing trips to the shallow waters at what is now known as Stingray City to clean their catch. Stingrays would come here to feed on what the fishermen left behind & have now come to associate the sound of a boat engine with feeding time. Sunset House is proud to offer their guests an excursion to Stingray City to enjoy spending time in the water with these friendly sea creatures!


USS Kittiwake

Feel like diving a wreck? No problem! Sunset House will take divers to the USS Kittiwake – an old US Navy Submarine Rescue Ship. Snorkelers are more than welcome to join the boat full of divers so they too can enjoy the views of this historic ship, now home to an abundance of sea life!


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