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Brac Reef Beach Resort

Cayman Brac, Caribbean


Cayman Brac is located about 95 miles east of Grand Cayman and just 175 miles south of Cuba. In addition to world-class diving which is what brings most visitors to the island, there is growing interest in spending surface intervals hiking the island’s nature trails, biking its uncrowded roads, exploring its numerous limestone caves, and even rappelling or climbing the iconic Bluff.

Cayman Brac is one of three Cayman Islands and a Sister Island to Grand Cayman and smaller, nearby neighbor, Little Cayman. The island is roughly 14 square miles—approximately 12 miles long and 1.2 miles wide. It was named for the 140-foot bluff (called a “brac”) at the western tip.

The island’s lush green areas and marshes provide homes to many beautiful birds. Marked trails facilitate exploring the island’s natural beauty, including hiking up to the lighthouse. Most of the roads are flat and have little traffic, so the island lends itself to easy bicycling. Caves like Bat’s Cave, Peter’s Cave, Rebecca’s Cave, and more offer even novice spelunkers a way to spend non-diving time. And for the most adventurous, you can arrange excursions to climb up or rappel down the Bluff under the supervision of experienced professionals as a unique way to spend your surface interval.

Rock climbing enthusiasts may want to spend some time climbing and/or rappelling the island’s 141-foot Bluff, the highest point in all of the Cayman Islands.

Cayman Brac Beach Resort has partnered with the local experts at Rock Iguana to offer packages providing a variety of climbs and rappels that are fun and safe for adventurers of all ages, whether it’s something you’ve thought would be fun or you are a more experienced climber.

Brac Reef Beach Resort boats comfortable accommodations, chef-prepared meals, and just steps from Reef Divers with daily morning and afternoon boat dives.

Guests will appreciate this small, casual resort with expansive grounds that offer spaces for guests to play or get away. There’s plenty of beach for everyone to find their own favorite place, and the large walk-in pool offers varying depths for swimmers of all ages. Beach volleyball is a popular activity for groups and families while not exploring the underwater world. Late afternoons guests enjoy fun bar games like Bingo and weekly crab races while enjoying their favorite beverages and waiting for dinner.

The reefs and dive sites around Cayman Brac are largely very healthy with abundant marine life due to the island’s population and relatively small number of diver visitors each year. Its sites include sheer walls, nice swim-throughs, beautiful reefs, and two wrecks to explore—all taking place in seas with minimal currents and unlimited visibility.

Cayman Islands diving is mostly current-free, which is optimal for new divers, divers who choose to move at their own pace, and underwater photographers who might want to spend their entire dive at one location, waiting for the perfect shot. Onsite dive shop Reef Divers also fully accommodates Rebreather Divers.


Photographs courtesy of Brac Reef Beach Resort

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