Cozumel, Mexico – Hotel Cozumel Resort a La Carte Dive Packages

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Package Rates

Hotel Cozumel and Dive Paradise – Create your own dive vacation package with the a La Carte Plan

April 18, 2022 – August 15, 2022: $878 per diver, $441 per non-diver, double occupancy.
August 16, 2022 – October 31, 2022: $843 per diver, $406 per non-diver, double occupancy.
November 1, 2022 – December 20, 2022: $878 per diver, $441 per non-diver, double occupancy.

Rates include:

  • 7 nights all-inclusive accommodations
  • Breakfast daily
  • Entertainment program
  • Non-motorized watersports
  • Hotel taxes

Diver rate also includes:

  • 5 days x 2-tank morning boat dives
  • Welcome Tank for buoyancy/equipment check shore dive on arrival date
  • Tanks and weights

Marine Park fees currently $4.50 per diver per day will be added & prepaid w/booking.  Cozumel’s EcoTax room fees (approx. $1.50USD per room per night) must be paid at check-in

4 night, 3 day dive packages available from $500 per diver!

Single, triple, and children’s rates also available

Custom upgrades available include: Discounted rates available as package add-ons for Nitrox Tanks, 1-tank Afternoon trips, 2-tank Afternoon Express trips, Night Dives, and Unlimited Shore Diving.

Excursions may be added as well
Must have at least one diver in each room.
New reservations only. Not combinable with any other special or promotion.
Blackout dates may apply


Hotel Cozumel Resort

Cozumel, Mexico


Travel tips to Cozumel


Hotel Cozumel Resort is a charming resort with an excellent location, including three Mexican style buildings surrounding a lovely pool and garden area. Each of the 180 air-conditioned rooms has a balcony or patio, two doubles or one king bed.
This hotel features a spectacular pool area, three restaurants, four bars, a tennis court and a private beach club with a restaurant, pier, and a fully equipped dive shop.

In addition, Hotel Cozumel Resort now offers a remarkable beach club, which is considered the perfect home for scuba lovers and is fully equipped with all the necessary features for divers and their scuba equipment. Divers can enjoy a day of boat diving, and upon return, find all the facilities required for their gear, both at the beach club and in their well-appointed resort rooms.

The Hotel Cozumel Resort’s close proximity to downtown San Miguel eliminates the requirement for taxis since the main city center is within an easy (and enjoyable) ten-minute walk. The airport is no more than five minutes away by car or taxi. Not only is the resort perfect for divers and family vacations, but it also has a kids’ program that ensures children will be well-entertained while parents relax in the largest swimming pool on the island.

Hotel Cozumel Resort offers you a charming and friendly atmosphere with a wide variety of activities for all ages, including nightly shows and daytime entertainment, and a PADI full service centre. Hotel Cozumel and Resort have the option of all- inclusive or European plans.


  • 1 Snack Bar and 2 Restaurants
  • 2 Swimming pools
  • 1 Children’s swimming pool
  • Gym
  • 2 Jacuzzis
  • Beach Club
  • Tennis Court
  • Kids Club
  • Exchange Currency
  • Convention room
  • Private Pier
  • Lockers for Diving Equipment
  • Safety Deposit Box
  • Parking
  • Pool Table
  • Ping Pong table
  • Karaoke
  • Wireless Internet access


  • Scuba Diving Tours
  • Car Rental
  • Gift Shop
  • Travel Agency
  • Wedding Packages
  • Laundry
  • Deep sea fishing
  • Room Service from 6:30 am to 11:00 pm
  • Babysitting
  • Tour Excursions


Photographs Courtesy of Hotel Cozumel and Dive Paradise



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Cozumel Travel Tips

With a Mexican heart and a Caribbean soul, Cozumel is a paradise where tradition, flavor and joy come together. You will always find a friendly face and a warm welcome to make your stay an unforgettable one.

Famous all over the world for its coral reefs, there are plenty of water sports such as diving, deep-sea fishing, snorkeling, kayaking and more. Cozumel's mostly undeveloped territory at the center of the island is covered by jungle and swampy lagoons, which are home to tiny mammals and endemic birds that have never left the island. Noteworthy is the Chankanaab National Park, a Cozumel icon, and the Punta Sur Ecological Reserve. This huge protected area at the southern tip of the island includes Punta Celarain and its historical lighthouse, as well as the Colombia Lagoon, a shelter for many of the island's endemic species, as well as other endangered forms of life, such as marine turtles and their nesting areas.

With its beautiful beaches and exotic locale, Cozumel is an ideal destination where honeymooners can enjoy colorful and breathtaking sunsets, moonlit walks on secluded beaches, swim through crystal clear blue waters and romantic candlelight dinners.

The choice of activities are boundless in Cozumel: golden beaches, turquoise waters, friendly people, typical festivals, scattered Mayan ruins, great restaurants, a myriad of duty-free stores, diving, golfing, romance, and a whole new world where everybody has a place under the sun. Let the magic surround you; let us captivate your heart with the sweet magic of paradise. Come to Cozumel and Live the Experience!

What to Expect in Cozumel

CLIMATE Weather: Average temperatures range between 77° F to 86° F (25° C to 30° C). The hottest time of the year runs from May to September (especially on the coasts), and it gets cooler from October to April.

CURRENCY Mexico's currency is the Mexican Peso. There are one hundred Mexican cents (centavos) to every Peso. The rate of exchange fluctuates daily against the Dollar. Most of Cozumel's Banks with ATM machines are found within the commercial centre of the main town. During business hours, they and the Casas de Cambio will buy traveler's checks and cash from you as well.

DEPARTURE TAX Departure tax is normally included in the cost of your ticket. Please check with your airline or ticketing agent for details. If it is not included, it is payable at check in for your flight home. You may use Pesos, Visa or MasterCard. DRINKING WATER Generally, the tap water in Mexico is not safe for drinking; however, in tourist areas, many larger resorts purify their water for consumption. Most hotels and restaurants will provide bottled water in your room or upon your request. DRIVERS LICENSE U.S. drivers’ licenses are valid in Mexico. ENTRY REQUIREMENTS U.S. Citizens are required to produce a valid passport and a return or ongoing ticket. There are special requirements concerning minors under the age of 18 years old. Please contact the Department of State for more information. ELECTRICITY 120 V; 60 Hz. Any electrical equipment you carry with you that operates at the higher (240v) rate will need to be dual-voltage (e.g. hair driers). A lot of electrical equipment (like video cameras, digital cameras, laptops) that operate on 12 volts via a product-specific adaptor should easily work with dual voltage - check the adaptor and the device instructions to be sure. You may need a socket adaptor. Most plugs in Mexico are the same as in the US, ie. two flat prongs. Some have a third, circular prong for grounding, and adapters can be sought for these too if the plug you want to connect to doesn't have the third (grounding) prong socket. MARINE PARK FEES Cozumel charges an approximate of $2 U.S. per day marine park fee. TOURISM SEASONS The climate in Cozumel is hot and humid, but the humidity is not as drenching as it can be in some other places in Mexico. August through October is hurricane season in this part of the world - and the weather becomes more changeable and less predictable during these months. The rainy season is May through October. November through February is the high season in Cancun, and quite hot. Evenings can be cooler, so a wool pullover may be a useful item to pack with you during these months. VACCINATIONS No vaccinations or preventative medications are required for travel to Cozumel. However, we always suggest that you speak to your family physician for a personal recommendation. WATER TEMPERATURES AND WETSUITS Water temperatures generally range between 78 – 82°F Most people find wearing a 1mm – 3mm wetsuit keeps them comfortable.

Below are just some of the activities and attractions that await you in the Cozumel. We will be happy to arrange any of these and more to complete your customized itinerary. Please contact us for more information.


Experience a spectacular adventure on a real submarine. The Atlantis, a real 48 passenger submarine, offers everybody a chance to experience why Cozumel is one of the top dive destinations in the world. Atlantis is one of the worlds most technologically advanced passenger submarines, trimmed, prepped and ready to take you into another world more than 100 ft. below the surface. Air-conditioned surroundings and large viewing ports allow you to relax and enjoy the wonders of the deep. The Atlantis brings you up close and personal with Chankanaab Reef, part of the world's second largest reef and the islands most famous attraction.


Go for a different kind of game!! The Mexican Caribbean is a fisherman's paradise offering some of the most exciting fishing in the world. Bone fishing takes place in the flats around Cozumel, red snapper and grouper are the main game.


Swim or scuba dive along with these amazing and very friendly creatures in their natural environment. These spectacular, social, warm blooded, air breathing mammals have been on the planet since 65 million years ago and have directly contributed in human lives. It has also been discovered that they experience many of the same emotions we do and are helping the scientific community at large.

In the crystal clear waters at Chankanaab National Park the dolphins give you the unique opportunity to closely see into their pleasant eyes, to see their smiling faces, to touch them and to interact with them. Listen to the sounds they make, let them pull you through the ocean or push you by your feet, or even leap over you! You will complete this adventure with the 'freestyle' portion of your swim. Certified divers can have their dreams come true, where at 23 feet deep, you will enter the world of the dolphin. You will have the chance to see the dolphin as you have never imagined. You will do the dolphin kiss, swim by, singing, barrel roll and cradle.

This program is truly a once in a lifetime experience!


Ride back in time through the sacred land of the Maya, the oldest and most mysterious civilization in the world. You will be riding through the lush rain forest of Cozumel, listening to it's most amazing sounds and discovering Cozumel's hidden tropical savanna's. Look out for the birds and different animal species that may come your way.

You will visit El Cedral, Cozumel's oldest Mayan ruin. It's historical tradition dates back to the island's discovery on May 3rd, 1518 and re-population in 1847 due to the war of Casts taking place in the State of Yucatan. This site was long ago dedicated to both farm and marine activities. On your ride back be sure to take notice of the natural sounds and sights around you. In this natural paradise the Maya lived in harmony and this feeling of nature and man becoming one still lives on today.


Comfortably sail in a sub-ocean-view explorer. This popular underwater viewing craft allows you to enjoy the panoramic views of the underwater Caribbean. It has been especially designed to insure each passenger comfort and an incredible view during this enjoyable trip. Crystal clear panels allow you to see the natural treasures that dwell in this beautiful Caribbean Sea.

The adventure begins as you board the 'sub' and sit just four feet below the surface of the water and looking through crystal clear glass windows directly in front of you. The narrated trip will tell you about the spectacular shapes of coral formations that can be clearly seen. Lush growth of gorgonians surrounded by parrot-fish, starfish, sponges, anemones and other fascinating species. Let go of your imagination and become part of this mysterious underwater world.

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