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Good Will Diving

Good Will Diving is a new branch of Deep Blue Adventures dedicated to bringing together divers and travelers with organizations or people in need as well as increase awareness on simple things we can all do that make a difference.

Good Will Diving organizes and participate in various benefits, fundraisers and educational programs, we well as provides a place where anyone interested in assisting or contributing to a need can find information on a cause in which to participate.

While Good Will Diving participates in numerous fundraising throughout the year, we highlight one or two specific causes for a set time to maximize the potential awareness and participation. Charities and foundations are welcome to suggest their own causes and individuals or dive stores are also encouraged to highlight a need they would like to see supported.

The Good Will Diving program is also an informational source for anyone who would like to help in a practical way such as taking school supplies, books or other much needed items to a place you are visiting, as well as providing aid during a disaster or making a financial contribution.

We have a list of countries with various needs where just a few simple items that can fit easily in your bag can make an incredible difference in someone’s life. Whether your trip is a dive related or not, booked with us or through other means, our team is here to provide you with information on the most dire needs at your destination and the best ways you can help.

Those without travel plans and children participating in school, scouting or other projects with a genuine humanity interest are also encouraged to contact us for a way to get involved and with our various friends and industry partners around the world, we will facilitate the shipping and delivery of any items collected with a genuine and trusted source.

As a small company, as passionate as our team are, can only achieve so much, but combined with the efforts and involvement of others, we can make an incredible impact.

For more information, please email [email protected]  or you may call us toll free at 888-266-2209 and any Deep Blue Adventures team member will be able to assist you.

Good Will Diving’s current featured projects are EYES FOR FIJI the need for reading glasses for Fijian Villagers, and FOUNDATIONS FOR THE FUTURE, the need for school supplies in the Philippines.



Looking for a total immersion experience while contributing to needs around the world? We have partnered with a non-profit organization offering complete itineraries in an escorted group environment. Check out our new Sustainable, tax-deductible trips now available. Travel with other people around the world interested in the same effort or gather your friends and family, members of your local church or club or your school and work side-by-side with locals home and abroad as we build a better world together. Programs can be tailored to suit for groups. Add-on activities & stays available for all bookings.



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