Great White Experience & Central Mozambique

  • A huge great white shark is being teased with dead tuna’s head t
  • Dyer island
  • inselburgs in Northern Mozambique
  • Pangane Beach, Mozambique

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Great White Experience & Central Mozambique

The adventure to Geyser and Dyer Islands begins at the picturesque Kleinbaai Harbor near Gansbaai (approx 3 hour drive from Cape Town). Dyer Island is an Ornithological Nature Reserve for many species of marine birds amongst which is a colony of 7000 African penquins. Adjacent to Dyer Island is the smaller Geyser Island, home to a colony of 40000 Cape Fur Seals. The channel between these islands is renowned worldwide for the best place to observe, encounter and dive with the Great White Shark. The excursion is well suited for people who wish to remain on the surface, the sharks are just as visible from the safety of the deck as from the cage.

Mozambique has persevered, despite the brutal civil war and the dramatic floods which ravaged this poor country. Mozambicans are putting their shattering past behind them and are rebuilding their country at a remarkable pace.

Mozambique is a country of spectacular beauty. It has 2500 km of inspirit coastline, with pristine beaches and virgin reefs. Having been colonized by the Portuguese, it has a rich and diverse culture, a melting pot of African, Arab and European influences. Hear the Afro-lating beat of the local music. Walk on miles of deserted beach, surrounded by coconut palms leaning in the breeze, and you’ll know you’ve truly come to paradise!

Whatever your needs to have fun in the sun in Mozambique, you have came to the right place!

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Sample Itinerary

DAY 1:

  • Arrival at Cape Town International Airport
  • Transfer to Gansbaai Accommodation at De Kelders, a lovely B&B from where you can see whales on your doorstep in season. Your host is the chef who serves a mouth-watering breakfast. Weather permitting, breakfast will be served on the deck, with a panoramic view over Walker Bay and the Hermanus mountains. A small seal colony, visible beyond the kelp, is always present to entertain you.
  • Bed and breakfast basis

DAY 2,3,4,5:

  • Two full days of cage diving!! The diving is subject to weather conditions, therefore we can’t say beforehand which will be the days that you will be in the water.
  • Your day at sea – The island has a bird sanctuary and is a breeding site for the Jackass penguin. Adjoining it is a second smaller rocky island called Geyser Rock which supports a large seal population. Separating Geyser and Dyer Islands is a channel aptly named “Shark Alley”, arguably THE prime spot in the world for encountering the Great White Shark. Now, can you imagine dropping into a cage and diving into the cool waters of the Atlantic to be faced by the most amazing of animals, the Great White Shark? Well… The Great White Shark is Waiting!
  • Lunch, snacks and drinks served aboard
  • The boat is usually launched around 9:00 am in the morning and reaches the anchoring spot in 20 to 25 minutes. The anchor is put down and a scent trial begins. The boats usually distributes themselves well in the low season, so to capture a greater area and thus standing more of a chance of drawing in a Great White Shark. You then wait for sightings which could be immediately, or a few hours. Once the final preparations for the diving are made, you settle down to spend the rest of the time watching, diving and enjoying your day with the Great White Shark. Return to land approximately 3.30pm – 4.00 pm, depending on the day you have had.
  • On the non-diving days you can explore many of the local excursions.

DAY 6:

  • After breakfast transfer to Cape town International airport.
  • Arrival at Maputo Airport
  • Land Transfer to Inhabame, Jangamo Bay
  • Accommodation at Jangamo is in 2 to 4 bedrooms bungalows with private lounge and kitchen, built from local materials such as palm, coconut wood and leaves. The Bungalows are situated on top of sand dunes, overlooking the ocean and the long sandy, virgin beach.
  • Bed and Breakfast basis
  • Restaurant available for lunches and dinners

DAY 7,8,9,10,11:

  • Two dives per day
  • Bed and Breakfast basis

DAY 12:

  • Land transfer Back to Maputo International Airport


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