Cozumel, Mexico – Iberostar

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Cozumel, Mexico


Travel tips to Cozumel  


Iberostar Cozumel provides you with all the necessary elements for an unforgettable 5-star vacation in Mexico’s Caribbean. Perfectly combining rustic elements with modern touches this resort features bungalow suites that provide a unique getaway. With a beautiful beach-front location, thriving greenery, and a focus on providing a positive experience for guests and locals, it is no wonder that Iberostar Cozumel is a proud holder of the Green Globe Certification. Forget your day-to-day routine and discover the freedom of an All-inclusive resort for families, friends and couples.

Iberostar’s Fit&Fun program helps take care of your body and mind while you’re on vacation. The program integrates three core elements: fun and exciting physical activities, deliciously healthy food, and lots of alternatives that promote your physical and mental well-being. And the best thing about it? It’s suitable for all ages and physical conditions.

If you’ve always wanted to try water sports in Mexico, you’ve come to the right place. Windsurfing boards, kayaks and catamarans are all available for you to rent at the hotel. You can even enjoy a relaxing boat trip or head out for an amazing day of fishing.

The hotel has two tennis courts where you can play a game or two. You can also play basketball, volleyball and soccer, or simply keep up with your regular exercise routine in their fitness center (must be at least 16 years of age).

Lie back and lounge by the hotel’s three pools, including two lagoon-style pools. Or come down to the beach if you prefer to take a walk along the shoreline with the waves lapping at your feet.

The hotel also has a shopping area and pool hall. Every night there’s something happening, from nightly performances in the theater to live music.

Cozumel Excursions & Tours with Dressel Divers:

The hotel is located next to the second-largest coral reef in the world, so it’s the ideal destination for scuba divers. Thanks to the resort’s on-site dive center, Dressel Divers, you can easily explore the tropical reef and observe its vibrant underwater sea life from up close. Certified and experienced instructors can guide you on exhilarating dives. They’ll also teach you if you’re interested in getting your PADI certification.

Join Dressel Divers’ Cozumel excursion and feel like Jacques Cousteau for a day on the very famous reefs he documented! Did you know that Cozumel is considered one of the most important reefs of the world? The Dressel Divers´ excursions to Cozumel are fantastic for BOTH DIVERS & SNORKELERS! All day long this excursion to Cozumel keeps friends and families with different interests together, except during the reef visits.

From your hotel on the mainland their excursion staff will transfer you to and from their dive center in the luxurious Iberostar Cozumel Hotel, situated on the south side of the island RIGHT INSIDE THE MARINE PARK. On arrival you will immediately receive a hotel day pass including a five star buffet lunch, unlimited drinks and use of the hotel facilities.

The Iberostar Cozumel will be their home base for all their excursion activities and moments of rest throughout the day. The excursion boats leave straight from the private hotel pier in front of the Dressel Divers shop to take you to the most famous reefs nearby.


Photos courtesy of Iberostar Cozumel and Dressel Divers.


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The bungalow styled rooms will feel like a secret hideaway in the middle of paradise. From direct beach access to your own private pool, check in to your favorite of the 12 room categories available for a suite that fulfills your vacation’s needs. Each room will assure All-inclusive access, comfort, plus a private patio and hammocks to enjoy the Caribbean outdoors!

Experience snorkeling and scuba diving in Cozumel: Iberostar Cozumel provides you with all the necessary elements for an unforgettable 5-star vacation in Mexico’s Caribbean. Perfectly combining rustic elements with modern touches this resort features bungalow suites that provide a unique getaway. With a beautiful beach-front location, thriving greenery, and a focus on providing a positive experience for guests and locals, it is no wonder that Iberostar Cozumel is a proud holder of the Green Globe Certification. Forget your day-to-day routine and discover the freedom of an All-inclusive resort for families, friends and couples.

Explore one of the best snorkeling and diving berostar Cozumel provides you with all the necessary elements for an unforgettable 5-star vacation in Mexico’s Caribbean. Perfectly combining rustic elements with modern touches this resort features bungalow suites that provide a unique getaway. With a beautiful beach-front location, thriving greenery, and a focus on providing a positive experience for guests and locals, it is no wonder that Iberostar Cozumel is a proud holder of the Green Globe Certification. Forget your day-to-day routine and discover the freedom of an All-inclusive resort for families, friends and couples.

locations in the world that is just off the Caribbean coastline. With a specialized center located within this All-Inclusive resort in Cozumel, guests can easily explore the tropical reefs and see the abundant marine life up close. Experienced and certified instructors will guide you through your diving or snorkeling excursion and help point out the colorful fishes, crabs, eels and coral.

Fine dining in Mexico:

Indulge in the best local Mexican cuisine, fresh seafood, international favorites, and fusion dining at Iberostar Cozumel. Choose from various à la carte and buffet options along with a snack bar perfect for a light meal or quick bite. Guests will never leave hungry but always come back for more.

Families will fall in love:

Iberostar Cozumel prides itself in being a trusted All-Inclusive resort for families located in one of Mexico’s most popular destinations. The little ones can splash around in the kids’ pool and play at the Star Camp where games and activities are waiting. Find facilities that are specially adapted for children and many entertainment options catered for the whole family to enjoy together during your vacation in Mexico.

Star Camp is the perfect place for kids to meet, take part in organized activities, or just play. Check out the fascinating world of games, activities, and adventures that all children can enjoy. Split up into Monkey (ages 4 to 7) and Dolphin (ages 8 to 12), kids will make new friends, develop their creativity, and play all kinds of sports. They’ve prepared all the activities in a way that combines tons of fun with lessons on healthy habits, diversity, and respect for the environment.

The youngest guests will love the dedicated kids’ pool and a children’s menu at the restaurants. And when the adults want to relax with a romantic dinner, they can book a babysitting service at the hotel.

Spa Sensations:

The hotel features a small spa where you can enjoy a soak in the hot tub and treat yourself to a relaxing massage, such as an anti-stress massage, lymphatic drainage massage, or a mud massage. If you’re in need of an energizing massage, why not try a sports massage, eastern massage, or reflexology? You can also pamper yourself with an exfoliating treatment made different ingredients such as chocolate or coffee.

Restore the mind and body with a trip to the top spa in Cozumel which is right in the middle of the Iberostar Cozumel property. Get away from the everyday and settle into the best version of yourself with services that cater to your every need. Benefit from treatments focused on hydrating, restoring, nourishing, and uplifting. The spa also has a beauty salon where you can feel rejuvenated with a new haircut, manicure or pedicure.

Concierge service:

With top facilities that are focused on providing relaxing and unforgettable experiences, guests of Iberostar Cozumel can expect their dream vacation to become a reality. For any other details or help arranging your adventures in Cozumel or the Riviera Maya, the concierge is ready to assist.

Aside from taking advantage of the Caribbean ocean by scuba diving in Cozumel and exploring the magnificent reefs, which is a must do, it also offers plenty of historic sites to explore such the Mayan ruins and the national park. Travelers can shop their way through the island and will find plenty of local goods and souvenirs in the town of San Miguel.

Experiencing the live entertainment:

With a theater located on this All-Inclusive resort in Cozumel, the fun never ends. Catch family-friendly shows that range from comedy to musical productions. Create memories and share plenty of laughs with your loved ones with Iberostar’s nightly entertainment program.

Trying a new sport in the Caribbean:

Take advantage of the great weather. Cozumel offers the year-round sunshine of Mexico with plenty of outdoor activities and sports. With so many options available at Iberostar Cozumel you are sure to find a game that you have never tried before but always wanted to. Try tennis, ping pong, archery, darts, basketball, or riflery.

Sister Resort Access:

Access to Iberostar resorts on the Riviera Maya. Those searching for a vacation in Cozumel island and to the Riviera Maya can take advantage of their All-Inclusive pass. This consists of access to all Iberostar’s 5-star resorts within the same category as Iberostar Cozumel such as Iberostar Tucán, Iberostar Quetzal, Iberostar Paraíso Beach, and Iberostar Paraíso del Mar. Whether you want to stop by and grab a bite or even take a dip in the pools, you are free to explore the resort, so families have some extra fun.


Dive Centers & Shops

Welcome to a world full of scuba diving destinations! Once a diver always a diver looking for your next dive! At DRESSEL DIVERS they have what you are looking for. Their dive centers are your gateway to a myriad of Caribbean reefs and more. Dressel Divers offers quality scuba diving in many seas and oceans, such as the Caribbean, Pacific, Atlantic or Mediterranean, and also world famous caverns. They offer diving for certified divers of all levels as well as beginners that have never dived before.

Scuba Diving lets you connect with nature and excites your senses like few other sports will ever do. Fish will look you in the eyes and hover around you unafraid of your presence like birds will never do. There is nothing like exploring the magic Caribbean underwater world with its coral reefs and colorful inhabitants that accept your presence as if one of them. Reef dives, wreck dives, night, drift, deep, cavern etc., the dive masters and captains are waiting for you to come and enjoy it with them during your well-deserved vacation.

Leaving from the very palmed beaches or piers facing their dive shops they provide diving trips to many incredible Caribbean dive sites nearby. Dressel Divers also organizes excellent dive excursions to more distant reefs by means of half or full day trips. Therefore, many of their visitors opt for their specially designed scuba diving packages that facilitate diving more for less with all the best included. They have a selection of offers for you to find a great deal, discount or all-inclusive diving opportunity applicable to your particular interests.

The reefs and Dressel Divers are waiting for you. Come visit. Come see!

Dive Courses with Dressel Divers

Their PADI scuba diving courses will take you weightlessly onto the reef to swim like the fish alongside you. All dive courses imparted by Dressel Divers in its destinations are easy, fun and safe, and will give you permanent access to the wonders of the underwater world!

Beyond doubt the very best option is to get certified straight away as a PADI Open Water Diver or Scuba Diver. Not enough time for a full certification program? No problem. They also offer the PADI Discover Scuba Diving Course, a resort course that allows you to enjoy the reef with minimum training.

It’s also your kid’s vacation and they always want to do something fun. So they have plenty of diving things going on for your children. Among them are all the above courses in junior version and the Bubblemaker Program.

Half of what there is to see on your vacation is underwater! Diving lets you connect with nature and excites your senses. Don’t just look at the ocean from your beach chair, go visit! They offer all level courses for beginners to take you there.

The PADI Open Water Diver course is a certification course for a lifetime of independent diving! Internationally recognized the PADI Open Water Diver certification is the most popular and complete course in the world.

This is the adequate course for those that want to make diving a new lifestyle and hobby, diving and discovering marine beauty around the world. This certification allows you the freedom to dive without needing the company of a professional.

Also, once you have completed this course you are immediately eligible to start the PADI Adventure Diver Course or PADI Advanced Diver.

The course includes use of dive equipment, your study materials, your certification card, 5 theory modules with video, 5 pool modules and 4 boat dives.

You pick your days and times for the pool sessions and dives on site. They are flexible, they are in your hotel and you have lots of time at your disposal…You are on vacation!

Snorkel Center & Shop

Snorkeling in Cozumel is an excellent way of immersing yourself in the world of Jacques Cousteau! Dressel Divers, located a stone´s throw away from Cozumel´s top snorkel sites, offers top-quality snorkeling trips on some of the island´s most incredible reefs.

Cozumel´s reefs are acknowledged as some of the best in the world when it comes time to snorkel! Famous oceanographers, such as Jacques Cousteau, have praised the abundant beauty of Cozumel´s marine life.

Dressel Divers’ spacious and comfortable snorkel boats leave from the pier located at the Iberostar Hotel, directly in front of their snorkel center. Getting to the reef is about a 15-minute boat ride. An experienced Dressel Divers snorkel guide will be along to accompany your group and help you discover things that many people don´t get to see!

IF YOU ARE NOT STAYING ON THE ISLAND you can also visit the very best of these incredible reefs in on day with their Cozumel Excursion!!!

Daily Cozumel Snorkeling Trips

Cozumel snorkeling tours leave from the Iberostar Hotel pier every day at 1:00 p.m. During the 3-hour trip, snorkelers get to explore 2 of Cozumel´s most spectacular reefs: Palancar Gardens and Colombia Shallows. Each snorkeling session lasts approximately 45 minutes, and the boat will have you back at the hotel at 4:30 p.m. Snorkeling does not require special training, one only need know how to swim. With Dressel Divers, you will be outfitted with all the gear you need: a mask with snorkel tube, fins and a snorkel vest that will let you manage buoyancy or effortlessly float when at the surface. All that you´ll have to do is relax and enjoy.

Night Snorkeling in Cozumel

With this trip, they offer you the opportunity to observe marine animals during their active night life. Just before sunset, they will leave the pier of the hotel by boat in order to be on the reef when night falls. With the use of an underwater flashlights you will be able to appreciate the great variety of fauna that cannot be seen during the hours of sunshine, with its magnificent variety of colors, thanks to the help of the artificial light.


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Cozumel Travel Tips

With a Mexican heart and a Caribbean soul, Cozumel is a paradise where tradition, flavor and joy come together. You will always find a friendly face and a warm welcome to make your stay an unforgettable one.

Famous all over the world for its coral reefs, there are plenty of water sports such as diving, deep-sea fishing, snorkeling, kayaking and more. Cozumel's mostly undeveloped territory at the center of the island is covered by jungle and swampy lagoons, which are home to tiny mammals and endemic birds that have never left the island. Noteworthy is the Chankanaab National Park, a Cozumel icon, and the Punta Sur Ecological Reserve. This huge protected area at the southern tip of the island includes Punta Celarain and its historical lighthouse, as well as the Colombia Lagoon, a shelter for many of the island's endemic species, as well as other endangered forms of life, such as marine turtles and their nesting areas.

With its beautiful beaches and exotic locale, Cozumel is an ideal destination where honeymooners can enjoy colorful and breathtaking sunsets, moonlit walks on secluded beaches, swim through crystal clear blue waters and romantic candlelight dinners.

The choice of activities are boundless in Cozumel: golden beaches, turquoise waters, friendly people, typical festivals, scattered Mayan ruins, great restaurants, a myriad of duty-free stores, diving, golfing, romance, and a whole new world where everybody has a place under the sun. Let the magic surround you; let us captivate your heart with the sweet magic of paradise. Come to Cozumel and Live the Experience!

What to Expect in Cozumel

CLIMATE Weather: Average temperatures range between 77° F to 86° F (25° C to 30° C). The hottest time of the year runs from May to September (especially on the coasts), and it gets cooler from October to April.

CURRENCY Mexico's currency is the Mexican Peso. There are one hundred Mexican cents (centavos) to every Peso. The rate of exchange fluctuates daily against the Dollar. Most of Cozumel's Banks with ATM machines are found within the commercial centre of the main town. During business hours, they and the Casas de Cambio will buy traveler's checks and cash from you as well.

DEPARTURE TAX Departure tax is normally included in the cost of your ticket. Please check with your airline or ticketing agent for details. If it is not included, it is payable at check in for your flight home. You may use Pesos, Visa or MasterCard. DRINKING WATER Generally, the tap water in Mexico is not safe for drinking; however, in tourist areas, many larger resorts purify their water for consumption. Most hotels and restaurants will provide bottled water in your room or upon your request. DRIVERS LICENSE U.S. drivers’ licenses are valid in Mexico. ENTRY REQUIREMENTS U.S. Citizens are required to produce a valid passport and a return or ongoing ticket. There are special requirements concerning minors under the age of 18 years old. Please contact the Department of State for more information. ELECTRICITY 120 V; 60 Hz. Any electrical equipment you carry with you that operates at the higher (240v) rate will need to be dual-voltage (e.g. hair driers). A lot of electrical equipment (like video cameras, digital cameras, laptops) that operate on 12 volts via a product-specific adaptor should easily work with dual voltage - check the adaptor and the device instructions to be sure. You may need a socket adaptor. Most plugs in Mexico are the same as in the US, ie. two flat prongs. Some have a third, circular prong for grounding, and adapters can be sought for these too if the plug you want to connect to doesn't have the third (grounding) prong socket. MARINE PARK FEES Cozumel charges an approximate of $2 U.S. per day marine park fee. TOURISM SEASONS The climate in Cozumel is hot and humid, but the humidity is not as drenching as it can be in some other places in Mexico. August through October is hurricane season in this part of the world - and the weather becomes more changeable and less predictable during these months. The rainy season is May through October. November through February is the high season in Cancun, and quite hot. Evenings can be cooler, so a wool pullover may be a useful item to pack with you during these months. VACCINATIONS No vaccinations or preventative medications are required for travel to Cozumel. However, we always suggest that you speak to your family physician for a personal recommendation. WATER TEMPERATURES AND WETSUITS Water temperatures generally range between 78 – 82°F Most people find wearing a 1mm – 3mm wetsuit keeps them comfortable.

Below are just some of the activities and attractions that await you in the Cozumel. We will be happy to arrange any of these and more to complete your customized itinerary. Please contact us for more information.


Experience a spectacular adventure on a real submarine. The Atlantis, a real 48 passenger submarine, offers everybody a chance to experience why Cozumel is one of the top dive destinations in the world. Atlantis is one of the worlds most technologically advanced passenger submarines, trimmed, prepped and ready to take you into another world more than 100 ft. below the surface. Air-conditioned surroundings and large viewing ports allow you to relax and enjoy the wonders of the deep. The Atlantis brings you up close and personal with Chankanaab Reef, part of the world's second largest reef and the islands most famous attraction.


Go for a different kind of game!! The Mexican Caribbean is a fisherman's paradise offering some of the most exciting fishing in the world. Bone fishing takes place in the flats around Cozumel, red snapper and grouper are the main game.


Swim or scuba dive along with these amazing and very friendly creatures in their natural environment. These spectacular, social, warm blooded, air breathing mammals have been on the planet since 65 million years ago and have directly contributed in human lives. It has also been discovered that they experience many of the same emotions we do and are helping the scientific community at large.

In the crystal clear waters at Chankanaab National Park the dolphins give you the unique opportunity to closely see into their pleasant eyes, to see their smiling faces, to touch them and to interact with them. Listen to the sounds they make, let them pull you through the ocean or push you by your feet, or even leap over you! You will complete this adventure with the 'freestyle' portion of your swim. Certified divers can have their dreams come true, where at 23 feet deep, you will enter the world of the dolphin. You will have the chance to see the dolphin as you have never imagined. You will do the dolphin kiss, swim by, singing, barrel roll and cradle.

This program is truly a once in a lifetime experience!


Ride back in time through the sacred land of the Maya, the oldest and most mysterious civilization in the world. You will be riding through the lush rain forest of Cozumel, listening to it's most amazing sounds and discovering Cozumel's hidden tropical savanna's. Look out for the birds and different animal species that may come your way.

You will visit El Cedral, Cozumel's oldest Mayan ruin. It's historical tradition dates back to the island's discovery on May 3rd, 1518 and re-population in 1847 due to the war of Casts taking place in the State of Yucatan. This site was long ago dedicated to both farm and marine activities. On your ride back be sure to take notice of the natural sounds and sights around you. In this natural paradise the Maya lived in harmony and this feeling of nature and man becoming one still lives on today.


Comfortably sail in a sub-ocean-view explorer. This popular underwater viewing craft allows you to enjoy the panoramic views of the underwater Caribbean. It has been especially designed to insure each passenger comfort and an incredible view during this enjoyable trip. Crystal clear panels allow you to see the natural treasures that dwell in this beautiful Caribbean Sea.

The adventure begins as you board the 'sub' and sit just four feet below the surface of the water and looking through crystal clear glass windows directly in front of you. The narrated trip will tell you about the spectacular shapes of coral formations that can be clearly seen. Lush growth of gorgonians surrounded by parrot-fish, starfish, sponges, anemones and other fascinating species. Let go of your imagination and become part of this mysterious underwater world.

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