Indonesia, Asia – Misool Eco Resort – Special Dive Package

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Rates and Inclusions

From $4145 per diver, $3100 per non-diver double occupancy
Add $175 per night single supplement


  • Accommodations at Misool Resort for 7 nights
  • Full board including four meals per day plus afternoon tea time at Misool
  • Most non-alcoholic beverages
  • Free local use of kayaks and Stand Up Paddle Boards
  • Free 15-minute massage after first dive
  • Snorkeling on the House Reef and with baby sharks in the North Lagoon
  • A series of evening educational lectures in Dive Centre
  • Sorong Airport pick-up and porter service, and government tax.
  • 1 night in Sorong with breakfast and hotel tax.

Diver rate also includes:

  • Check out dive on day of arrival
  • Unlimited scheduled diving up to 4 dives per day for 6 days
  • Free nitrox for nitrox certified divers
  • Tanks and weights.

9 and 12 night Misool night packages and snorkeling packages available

Marine park fee (currently 700,000 IDR, approx. $50 USD), speedboat transfers, alcoholic beverages, spa services, tours, Wi-Fi and other items not noted as included are additional

Must book by Dec 31, 2020
Travel window open but blackout dates may apply

Misool Eco Resort

Raja Ampat, Indonesia, Asia


An Introduction to Indonesia


Misool Eco-Resort, Raja Ampat

“Misool represents one of the most pristine reef systems left on earth — one of only a handful of places in the universe where biodiversity is improving rather than declining.”

  • Mark Erdmann, marine biologist, coral reef ecologist, and Vice President of Conservation International’s Asia-Pacific marine programs

Located in remote Raja Ampat, Indonesia, Misool resort island is a true tropical hideaway, just south of the equator, hidden in an archipelago of uninhabited islands. The resort island is fringed with powder-white beaches and pristine coral reefs. With a maximum capacity of just 40 guests and a staff-to-guest ratio of 4 to 1, Misool offers exclusive adventure holidays and transformative experiences in pristine nature.




Travelers will find the conservation center and private island of Misool in southern Raja Ampat, Indonesia. The island is located in a remote chain of islands, with the closest port being 165 kilometers away and the nearest village 20 kilometers away. The island is surrounded by an abundance of marine life, including large, beautiful coral reefs. At Misool, guests will stay in one of the breath-taking cottages or villas along the ocean. At the North Lagoon, there are 8 water cottages built on stilts that rest above the water. Visitors will also find 4 larger villas along the North Lagoon. Along the South Beach, guests will find the 7 villas that overlook the blue water swimming hole. Each room has Balinese-style open air bathrooms, air-conditioning, fresh hot and cold showers, mini-bars stocked with treats from around the archipelago, and handcrafted furniture and fittings.


The restaurant at Misool is located on a beach overlooking the North Lagoon. The terrace to the restaurant overlooks the ocean and makes for the perfect spot to enjoy a drink while watching the sun set. Asian and Western cuisine is offered with a special focus on fresh, local, organic foods. Four meals a day are served at the restaurant along with afternoon tea time where fresh baked goods are served. Snacks and beverages are served throughout the day, to be enjoyed by all.

Scuba Diving

There are 60 gorgeous dive sites located within an hour’s radius of the resort, with 35 of those dive sites being located within just 15 minutes of the resort. All dive sites are located in the Misool Marine Reserve, where all marine life thrives. The house reef is spectacular shore dive that can be accessed from the dive center or the steps of your water cottage accommodation. 3 guided boat dives are scheduled daily, plus either a dusk or night dive. Along with incredible diving, the house reef is a wonderful snorkeling experience. Guests can enjoy swimming with the baby black tip reef sharks, amongst a variety of other sea creatures.

Traditional Indonesian Wellness

Misool offers a variety of spa treatments made daily in their very own kitchen. The ingredients are all natural and food-grade. Massages or beauty treatments can be enjoyed in the privacy of your own room or at The Lookout.

Variety of Experiences

Misool is pleased to offer a variety of experiences to guests, including: baby sea turtle release, romantic beach castaway experience, a village visit, an Indonesian cooking class, mangrove experience, stand-up paddle board experience, lagoon experience, a day with the rangers, and the Sorong market experience. There’s so much to see and do at Misool!

Misool Foundation

Misool Foundation runs a suite of marine conservation projects across Indonesia including community education, community recycling and a manta project. One of their main projects is the marine reserve.

Misool Marine Reserve

Rampant shark finning and unchecked destructive fishing were destroying some of the most important and bio-diverse reefs on earth. In 2005, Misool and the local community reached an agreement to lease the island of Batbitim, which would become the site of the resort. Misool also leased a large area of sea surrounding the resort island. This contract evicted the itinerant shark-finners the area.

Misool Foundation has since expanded and now protects a 300,000 acres/1220 sq km Marine Reserve at the heart of global marine biodiversity. This is nearly twice the size of Singapore. The Reserve is comprised of 2 distinct No-Take Zones and a linking restricted-gear blue water corridor.

The Marine Reserve is patrolled by a team of local Rangers, with backup from Marine Police. The Rangers move between the base camp and Ranger Stations on Yellit, Kalig, and Daram. The Rangers maintain constant vigilance over the Marine Reserve with physical patrols, radar, and drone surveillance. Misool Foundation and the Ranger Patrol do not receive any support from the Raja Ampat government or pin tag system.


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An Introduction to Indonesia

Stretching between the Australian and Asian continental mainlands and dividing the Pacific and Indian Oceans at the Equator lay the exotic islands that make up Indonesia.

The name Indonesia has its roots in two Greek words: "Indos" meaning Indian and "Nesos" which means islands. It is an appropriate description of the archipelago (the world’s largest), as there are estimated to be a total of 17,508 islands of which only about 6,000 are inhabited.

Five main islands and 30 smaller archipelagoes are home to the majority of the population. The main islands are Sumatra,  Kalimantan,  Sulawesi,  Irian Jaya  and last but not least Java, home to 70 percent of the country's population.  Indonesia shares Irian Jaya with Papua New Guinea and two thirds of the island of Kalimantan with Malaysia and Borneo.

Indonesia is at the heart of the triangle of the world's greatest marine biodiversity, boasting more amazing diving destinations than anywhere else on earth. Not only is diving in Indonesia on every semi-serious diver's 'Must do' list but there are also many great places for less experienced but no less enthusiastic divers. Areas like Komodo and Raja Ampat are becoming known as among the world's best live-aboard destinations, adding to places such as Sulawesi and Wakatobi which are already established as world class.

Indonesia also offers many delights for non-divers. Visitors can marvel at the spectacular Prambanan temples in Java: enjoy ancient music while watching traditional dancers in spectacular costume: visit animated floating markets: experience a close ecounter with the famous Kamodo dragons, spend time with enigmatic orangutans in their natural habitat: hike volcanic cones, forests and mountains.

What to Expect in Indonesia