Chuuk & Truk Lagoon – Liveaboards – S.S. Thorfinn

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Liveaboards – S.S. Thorfinn

Chuuk & Truk Lagoon

Truk is without parallel-its ghostly remains create the world’s greatest wreck diving in a wonderfully comfortable location. Discover this a wreck-diver’s ultimate paradise in the S.S. Thorfinn – a superbly equipped ship well suited to divers. 170 feet long and 1,100 tons assures her guests stability and comfort.

Guest Quarters 

Eleven air conditioned staterooms accommodate 22 guests in double occupancy. All rooms feature vanities, in room multi-system TV/VCR’s and DVD players, indirect lighting, full length closets, bright carpeting and modern décor. Eight rooms located on ‘D’ and ‘E’ decks have double or queen size beds plus adjacent single berths. Private showers and toilets are fitted in each of these quarters. Three additional large rooms on ‘C’ deck are bright and spacious with semi private two shower rooms and two toilet rooms.

Dining Lounge 

Dedicated dining lounges provide full guest seating in three connected areas. Friendly dining room staff serve a la carte in sit down comfort and convenience. A well stocked paperback book exchange here, offers reading on almost any subject and language, reflecting customer diversities. Bring a novel, leave a novel, has expanded this facility to well over 1,000 publications. A specialty library in ship’s office contains broad numbers of Pacific & Micronesian fish ID books, WW2 facts and histories, Micronesian histories and highlights, coffee table publications on steam whaling, Japanese and US navies, ocean liners of the world, and endless engineering and seamanship manuals. These are available to the caring reader on request from ship’s captain.

Guest Lounge 

A spacious comfortably furnished salon features a multi system Plasma TV / VCR / DVD players, a CD video-audio player, all connected to a surround sound 6 speaker system. A fully stocked DVD and VHS video library with more than 600 films, indirect lighting and view windows add to ambience of this cozy guest area. The bar provides all types of beverages from coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and soft drinks, to beer, wine and many spirits and liquors. Pre-ordered beer and wine will be delivered within the ship’s ability to secure them. Surround sound 4-way speakers add music ambience to lounge and outer spa deck as desired.

Spa Deck 

This deck location aft of main guest lounge is favored after a dive or late at night with both south and northern constellations in clear view, good music playing on aft speakers, a refreshment in hand and perhaps the right company …what more to perfection..? Take a plunge in the big commercial sized hot tub which seats 12 persons by design.

Photo Facilities:

  • Two large 3 tiered camera service tables conveniently located adjacent to C deck lounge and aft deck
  • Camera table / rinse pail on new RIB’s
  • Air gun at each table
  • Dual voltage 110 V and 208 V charging points in each room and tables
  • Valet system for cameras to & from dive deck
  • Big Plasma TV in lounge with E-Z viewing camera results
  • Guest rooms each equipped with individual monitors and DVD players for personal reviewing

Technical Diving:

Technical divers receive custom gas blends and special cylinders from on board blending stations upon suitable notice to dive staff for prior dive prep. Technical diving facilities include:

  • banded double tanks with ISO valved manifolds
  • Oxy cleaned pony cylinders of various sizes
  • 6 sets of custom rebreather cylinders plus diluents
  • Haskell gas booster
  • Tri-mix Helium on advance request
  • and onboard Oxygen generators

Custom dispatched dive launches and crew create ease of alternate schedules for extended deep diving. Special gas blends for Nitrox, Tri-mix, or rebreathers are performed at an onboard blending station.

Photographs courtesy of Thorfinn

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