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Ocean Hunter Palau

The islands of Palau, dotted green islands set perfectly in the vast Pacific Ocean, is the western most island group of a region called the West Caroline Islands – which is part of a larger region called Micronesia.  Palau is a rare oasis being that it is a self-contained, isolated archipelago beaming with biodiversity and an abundance of life.

Ocean Hunter was conceived by owner and naval architect Navot Bornovski and by the father of Palauan diving, Francis Toribiong, who was the first to bring diving to Palau and discovered most of the famous dive sites visited by Ocean Hunter.  The Ocean Hunter’s 60-foot hull was built in Holland in 1979.  Bought by Bornovski and Toribiong in 1993, Ocean Hunter has been family run and proclaimed to be Palau’s most luxurious liveaboard.  In 2003, the Ocean Hunter II was welcomed to the fleet, and in 2007, the newest luxury liveaboard – Ocean Hunter III – started her journey.

Ocean Hunter I was designed with divers in mind by divers.  You will find three cabins, which accommodates up to 6 guests.  Each cabin has a private bath and has air conditioning.  Ocean Hunter I was also built was the underwater photographer in mind – with a large working area and more than 60 electrical outlets (110 and 220 volt), extra storage space, and E-6 processing available overnight.   The lounge is very comfortable and is separately air conditioned.  It is stocked with movies plus a marine library to help pass the time in between dives.

Ocean Hunter III has three standard cabins, 3 deluxe cabins, and 2 master staterooms that will accommodate up to 16 guests.  Each cabin has a private bath and air conditioning.  There is a large dining room and a comfortable lounge with sofas and an entertainment system.  You will also find Jacuzzis on the spacious sun deck – which is the perfect spot to unwind after your busy dive day.  If underwater photography is your passion, you will be pleased to know that Ocean Hunter III comes equipped with a sizeable working area, 110, 220, and 415 volt electrical outlets, extra storage space, and powerful PC’s for movie and video editing with download, email, and CD burning services.

Technical Diving Support on Ocean Hunter III:

  • Nitrox, TRIMIX, and Rebreather support
  • Nitrox certification available onboard
  • Twin Bauer compressors, Nitrox membrane

Production Support on Ocean Hunter III:

  • Twin generators for high voltage equipment demand
  • 1.6 tons hydraulic crane offers lifting capacity for most ROV’s, underwater cameras, and Mini-subs
  • Enclosed and Air conditioned lab for scientific research and film productions
  • Underwater Scooter
  • 1200 Watt HMI lights to back-light corals, UV Filters, caves, and wrecks

Providing guests with an excellent dining experience is just one of the features that make Ocean Hunter luxurious.  Renowned chef, Tova Har-el, created the gourmet menu’s found on Ocean Hunter I and III.  She has extensive experience as a liveaboard chef, and designed the menu’s with international cuisines ranging from Palauan, Italian, Mediterranean, French, and Japanese.  Fresh vegetables and fruits are served with every meal and snacks and available in between meals.

Unlimited diving and unlimited bottom time are the two main attitudes that make the Ocean Hunter so unique.  Due to the small group number aboard Ocean Hunter I, you can be guaranteed that you can dive whenever you want – with some guests diving as many as seven times per day.  Because of the small size and shallow draft of Ocean Hunter I, they will usually take you directly above the dive site, so you can jump directly off the comfortable dive platform.  Ocean Hunter I will also be able to take you to many dive sites that the larger liveaboards cannot access.  Ocean Hunter III will be able to take you a bit further than Ocean Hunter I – to places such as Northern Papua New Guinea, Yap, The Northern Marianas, and more.  The basically virgin reefs are in immaculate condition and are truly a once in a lifetime experience.  All levels of diving are welcome, from beginning to experienced.  Once your dive is done, take a warm freshwater shower right on the spacious dive deck!

Sample Itinerary aboard Ocean Hunter I and Ocean Hunter III

6:30 – Gourmet coffee/tea and sweet rolls.  Coffee is available throughout the day from the espresso machine on Ocean Hunter III

7:00 – First morning dive

8:30 – Full Breakfast

10:00 – Second morning dive

11:30 – Snacks

11:45 – Third dive

1:00 – Lunch

2:30 – Fourth dive

4:00 – Fruit smoothies and cake

5:00 – Dusk dive

7:00 – Night dive

8:15 – Dinner (can be served before night dive if requested)

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