Red Sea – Red Sea Triangle, Israel, Jordan, Egypt

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Red Sea Triangle

Israel, Jordan, Egypt


Red Sea Triangle Custom Packages – Choose just 1, 2 or all 3 countries!

Friendship Building Bridges

Years of personal friendship between the neighboring people of Egypt, Israel and Jordan has procured the foundation for a unique tourism concept, offering incredible nature, history and culture tours to these 3 fascinating countries. By setting political boundaries aside and building mutually beneficial relationships, combined with their passion for this amazingly ancient area, new possibilities have been created by their team of professionals. We are therefore honored to be able to provide customers with the opportunity to visit all three countries, Jordan, Israel, and Egypt, during the same tour. In addition, for those who do not wish to visit all three countries, they offer and operate combined tours to one or two of them. Furthermore, visitors can now enjoy smooth and easy passage between countries, unlimited adventures, hospitable people and a diversity of cultures, tastes and colors.


Nature – Above and Below the Surface

Aqaba, Eilat and Sinai are all located on the shores of the Red Sea, the northernmost tropical sea in the world, renowned for its rich and diverse ecosystem teaming with marine life. Colorful tropical fish, amazing corals, clear water with fantastic underwater visibility and a coral reef that reaches the water’s surface, is what turns the Red Sea into a magical wonderland for snorkelers and scuba divers alike. In addition, the relatively calm water and consistent water temperature provide ideal conditions for diving courses during any season.

In stark contrast to the deep blue Red Sea, the stunning Sinai desert in Egypt, the remarkable Negev desert in Israel, and the breathtaking Jordanian Wadi Rum, offer visitors some of the most spectacular barren land tours in the region, accompanied by the local Bedouins, hot tasty tea and endless starry skies.


History and Culture

The birth of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, the empires that conquered and ruled throughout the different eras in history, the ancient trade routes, the monuments and the myriad of holy and sacred places, are what make this region one of the most historically and culturally diverse, and important, parts of the world today. Explore the numerous museums and colorful markets, walk through the pages of history and connect to countless cultures when you include locations such as the ancient Egyptian Pyramids and temples, Mount Moses in Sinai, Jerusalem, Nazareth and Petra in your visit.


Start and End Points of Your Tour Including Duration

With a team of professionals in Egypt, Jordan and Israel, Red Sea Triangle is able to offer you the choice of beginning and ending your tour from any international airport in these three countries. In other words, you can start your trip in one country and depart from another. Their service also includes pick-up and drop-off from any location in these countries, so you have the freedom to plan your itinerary as you see fit. We will build you a customized itinerary with proposals and recommendations to suit your every need.


Packages can be tailored to suit with your choice of just one country or your preferred combination of two or all three. Itineraries can be fully escorted and can rage from just a few days to a month or more. Contact our dive and adventure specialists to create your perfect vacation.


Photos courtesy of Red Sea Triangle

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Package Rates

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January 1-February , 2021: $1446 per diver, $961 per vacationer double occupancy

February 4-February 10, 2021: $1616 per diver, $1131 per vacationer double occupancy

February 11- February 26, 202 $1661 per diver, $1176 per vacationer double occupancy

February 27-April 3, 2021: $1544 per diver, $1059 per vacationer double occupancy

April 4-August 14, 2021: $1329 per diver, $844 per vacationer double occupancy

August 15-October 30, 2021: $1293 per diver, $808 per vacationer double occupancy

October 31-December 22, 2021: $1329 per diver, $944 per vacationer double occupancy


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