Socorro Aggressor – Socorro, Roca Partida, San Benedicto

Socorro Aggressor

Socorro, Roca Partida, San Benedicto, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico


The Socorro Aggressor travels to both Socorro and Guadalupe depending on the time of year.

Socorro, Roca Partida, San Benedicto (November – May) – 8 Night Trips

“We are extremely excited to offer our guests a top destination to add to their dive log that offers giant pacific manta rays, large schools of fish and sharks” says CEO Wayne Brown.

Socorro, San Benedicto and Roca Partida are three volcanic islands that make up the Revillagigedo Islands. These islands are most commonly known as Socorro.  Located 250 nautical miles south of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico at the tip of the Baja Peninsula, it takes 24 hours to travel to this magnificent area. Our liveaboard boat trips to Socorro, San Benedicto, and Roca Partida and beautifully unique. Socorro is best known for the wonderful encounters with giant pacific manta rays, where the mantas come to the divers and are happy to stay throughout entire dives.  This isn’t all you will see during a liveaboard boat trip to Socorro, there are up to ten species of sharks including whale sharks, silkies, silver tips, white tips and sometimes tiger sharks. Dolphin encounters are always thrilling and from January through March these islands are home to a migratory population of humpback whales that come to breed and have calves.  Whale sharks are seen mainly in November/December and April/May. Divers may also observe many different behaviors of manta cleaning stations, Bottlenose dolphin, wahoo, tuna, marlin and smaller creatures like eels, nudibranchs and octopi. Our Socorro liveaboard boat trips are wild and unpredictable diving at its best!

What’s Special About the Itinerary:

  • The Socorro Aggressor® travels here during the best time of the year.
  • Guests can see massive schools of fish and giant manta rays.
  • Up to 10 species of sharks can be seen: oceanic whitetips, tiger, whitetip reef, silvertip, dusky, thresher, hammerheads, silkies, Galápagos, and whale sharks
  • Resident pods of dolphin
  • January – April, humpback whales migrate to Socorro

Diving Details:

Giant pacific manta rays, up to 10 species of sharks including schooling hammerheads, bottlenose dolphin, whale sharks, humpback whales, schools of fish and much more.

  • Dives from the dive tenders (3 tenders) & the yacht.
  • Water temperature: 73-76F, 21-23C
  • 5 – 7 mm wetsuit recommended

Dive Tenders:

  • 8-night charters: up to 23 dives are offered.
  • 7-night charters: up to 22 dives are offered.
  • The above is weather permitting and based on the Captains discretion.

Guadalupe Island: Cage Diving with Great White Sharks (August – October)

“We are very happy to welcome the SOCORRO AGGRESSOR™. Guadalupe Island will offer our diving and non-diving adventurers a chance to go cage diving with Great White Sharks. We are excited to share this mesmerizing and adrenaline pumping experience with our guests, says CEO Wayne Brown.”

What’s Special About the Itinerary

  • The Socorro Aggressor travels here during the best time of the year.
  • Guadalupe Island has clear water and reliable great white shark sightings.
  • Experiencing the world’s best encounters from the safety of a cage.
  • Observing the sharks naturally from a depth where they normally congregate from the submersible cages.

The best great white encounters and cage diving in the world happen at Guadalupe Island. The 4-night Guadalupe itinerary provides an adventure to shark seekers who enter surface or submersible cages to experience seeing great whites up close and personal. The Socorro Aggressors anchorage is in a sheltered bay near Guadalupe Island where the cage diving shark encounter action will take place in clear blue water. The yacht stays here for 3 dive days where guests will rotate entering the cages every hour while seeing several sharks during each dive.

Guadalupe Island is located 200 miles southwest of Ensenada, Mexico on the Pacific coast of the Baja Peninsula. It is a rugged volcanic island, 25 miles long and the highest point is 4200 ft. The island is a Biosphere Reserve that is home to hundreds of migratory Great White Sharks from August to October, making Guadalupe an amazing way to encounter sharks while cage diving.

Cage Diving Details:

  • Great White Sharks
  • All dives in the shark cages use a surface supplied air source or hookah.
  • Water temperature: 67-73F, 19-22C
  • Equipment needed is a mask, booties, gloves, hood and a 5-7 mm wetsuit.
  • All dives are from cages attached to the yacht. A dive tender is available for shore excursions. The three tenders are 18 feet long.
  • 4-night charters: Guests rotate in and out of the shark cages.
  • 2 surface cages: each take 4 guests and guests rotate in and out every 45 minutes.
  • 1 submersible cage that takes 4 guests and rotates in and out every 30 minutes.
  • The above is weather permitting and based on the Captains discretion.

The Yacht:

Port: Mexico

Socorro Season – 8 nights, November – May

Guadalupe Season – 4 nights, August – October

Built and maintained to the specifications of the local regulatory agencies and the regulations of the country of the flag.

  • Length: 135 ft.
  • Beam: 27
  • Passengers: 26
  • Staff: 11

Socorro has been an Aggressor destination since 2018.


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