Tanzania, Africa – Private Pemba Dive Package

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Pemba Diving

Tanzania, Africa


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Pemba Island is the ultimate diving destination! Diving off tropical Pemba is among the most spectacular to be found. It is characterized by dramatic clear, blue water drop-offs along with pristine shallow reefs. Hard and soft coral gardens are alive with schools of marine life, as well as the opportunity to explore several truly native island villages, virtually untouched by modern civilization.

Marlins, Sailfish, Tuna, Wahoo, Turtles, Manta Rays and Dolphins are some of the more famous residents of the Pemba channel. The Pemba channel separates Shimoni in Kenya from Pemba Island. The channel runs deep until it approaches the Pemba coastline and then begins a dramatic rise to create sheer wall off the coast. The western side is where the diving is conducted.

Diving off tropical Pemba is among the most spectacular to be found in East Africa. At present the number of divers is small enough to ensure exclusive dive sites. It is the policy of the Commission for Tourism to protect Pemba ‘s marine resources and conservation areas are being designated to protect the reefs and islands. Spear fishing is illegal.

Conditions here are ideal all year round, with the exception of May and June, which seasonally subjects to the long rains.

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