Fiji, South Pacific – Paradise Taveuni Resort

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Paradise Taveuni Resort

Fiji, South Pacific


An Introduction to Fiji


A genuine Fiji experience awaits all who visit this remote and secluded paradise. If you’re searching for true hospitality and long to experience the culture of a mystical land, spend some time in Paradise Taveuni Resort.

The Fiji Islands consist of over 300 islands spread over 7,000 square kilometers. Taveuni, being the third largest, is known as the Garden Island because of the luxurious plant growth found here due much in part to its’ rich volcanic soil. Paradise Taveuni Resort is found on the flat south end of the island, behind the mountains and protected from the wind, ensuring calm, clear waters year round.

Situated on the southern tip of Taveuni, the resort is a secluded getaway a mere 1   hour domestic flight from Nadi international airport followed by a scenic 1 hour drive from the Taveuni Matei airport. The resort is perfectly positioned on 5 acres of oceanfront land with deep-water frontage and an extinct volcano behind (900 meters high) serving as a dramatic backdrop. It’s this unique deep water frontage that allows guests to dive, snorkel and swim from the lava flow edge into pristine warm tropical waters at any time of the day or night. If you want to truly experience the best scuba diving in Fiji, Paradise Taveuni Resort is the right place for you.

Full Service Activities

On top of offering the ultimate in SCUBA, the resort offers:

  • Swimming
  • Snorkeling
  • Kayaking
  • Hiking
  • Fishing
  • Swimming
  • Guided tours
  • Waterfall tours
  • Cultural excursions
  • Spa services
  • And more

Accommodation in Paradise

Ten new Fijian bures (pronounced BOO-ray: Fijian for house) – are a recent addition to the resort. These new bures combine traditional Fijian architecture with contemporary design and exceptional standards. In all of our bures, you can experience intimacy within your own private garden that includes secluded outdoor showers. Each of the six oceanfront bures also has private Jacuzzi tubs, making our resort the perfect choice in Taveuni for your Fiji honeymoon or that romantic getaway! Each bure was hand built in 2006/07 with local coconut and rain tree woods. Glass doors open to a spacious deck complete with a Fiji daybed. Inside the bure, you’ll find a comfortable king bed, spacious lounge room and modern bathroom.

The bure roof is thatched traditionally by the men of the nearby Vuna Village leaving the bures naturally cool as the traditional method of thatching ensures protection from rain, sun & heat. 6 Oceanfront Bures have uninterrupted ocean views from the spacious rain tree deck. These bures also have a Jacuzzi in the private tropical garden. 4 Tropical Bures have abundant garden and ocean views with tropical outdoor showers.

Taveuni Scuba Diving

Taveuni is made up of 28 extinct volcanoes with the depth of the crystal clear waters 100 meters deep a mere 100 meters out from shore. Remarkable pelagic marine life is encountered on the very shore of Paradise Taveuni, some of which include the majestic Southern Right and Pilot Whales and pods of up to 50 Bottlenose Dolphins.

Paradise Taveuni is a Fijian scuba diving dream, only minutes from pristine reefs. Dive directly from the shore, the resort marina or via dive boat, and experience silt free, crystal clear water giving visibility of 100 ft and more. Nearby, Rainbow Reef and White Wall have been noted in the Top 10 Dive locations in the world by U.S. Divers magazine.

Pro Dive Taveuni

Pro Dive Taveuni, the resorts dive shop, is owned and operated by Paradise Taveuni and is located on the oceanfront, offering fast access to scenic un-spoilt diving including the world famous Rainbow reef & White wall – a must for all advanced divers. The Pro Dive Crew & shop offers top quality scuba diving gear coupled with professional local knowledge. The PADI instructors offer a large range of dive courses & safety is paramount. Pro Dive Taveuni offers divers an overabundance of diverse marine life. Giant clams, hard and soft corals, resident moray eels and flashlight fish are found within the first meters of the calm, clear waters of the resort’s shore. Spectacular dives sites accessible by boat and from the water’s edge makes learning to dive in Paradise an amazing experience. Perfect for training, the variety of dives available around the resort are ideal conditions for beginners and excellent training grounds.

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An Introduction to Fiji

Click here to download the Travel Tips PDF for Fiji!

The Fiji Islands, in the South Pacific, are an archipelago of over 330 islands packed with attractions that can be found no where else. They lie at the crossroads of the Pacific, between North America and Australia, and have an interesting blend of various cultures, Melanesian, Polynesian, Indian, European and Chinese. This blend is reflected in the food, the language, architecture and ambiance.

Colonial Levuka, the old European trader settlement and Fiji's former capital, has been officially designated a historic town. A number of buildings date from its boom period in the late 19th century and the main streetscape is surprisingly intact, giving the impression of a town that has stopped in time. Likewise, Suva’s British influence is reflected in its many colonial buildings, including Government House, the Suva City Library and the Grand Pacific Hotel.

Despite outside influences many traditions have remained intact  and today’s visitor can observe time-honored traditions, explore ancient relics, experience well-preserved cultures and share in past legends as they are retold around the kava bowl, Fiji’s traditional ceremonial and social drink.

A nature lover's delight, Fiji has an unspoiled, unique environment of extreme beauty and tranquility. Adrift for millennia in splendid isolation in the blue of the South Pacific it has escaped the evils of industrial progress, the incursions of dangerous animals, poisonous snakes, spiders and pestilent diseases such as malaria.

If variety is the spice of life, then Fiji is scuba diving's red hot chili pepper.

Trying to sum up the special appeal of these waters is like packing a bag for an epic journey through four seasons - or editing years of underwater video into just 30 minutes of tape!

Most people know Fiji as the soft coral capital of the world and that’s true!  But soft corals are only a symbol of Fiji’s complete story: the soft corals vibrant colors and giant size, the diversity of fish and invertebrates that live among their branches, the dramatic changes they undergo in an ancient rhythm of survival with the tides and currents, and the many types of underwater environments in which they thrive.

Fiji’s remarkable soft corals embody all the elements that make Fiji’s reefs so exceptional.  Drama and diversity, brilliant lavish panoramas, deep water rich with food and hiding places for the mysterious and rare Fiji’s marine realm is as dynamic and splendid as nature can be.

With 333 islands surrounded by reefs and the entire spectrum of  underwater terrain, from sharks, rays and 1000 species of fish to the vivid rainbow of  soft corals, sea stars and myriad shrimp, one word does describe Fiji’s extremely diverse diving: color.

Fiji is the color of your wildest dreams - surrender to it and enjoy the view.