Fiji, South Pacific – Volivoli Resort

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Volivoli Resort

Fiji, South Pacific


An Introduction to Fiji



Travelers will find the beautiful resort of Volivoli along the coastline of Fiji. The resort is located on the ocean’s edge, in the headland between a rainforest and mangroves. The family-owned resort was built in 2005 and has become one of Fiji’s award-winning resorts. Volivoli has 4 two-bedroom, luxury ocean front villas, 1 two-bedroom family villa, 11 newly-renovated premium ocean view bures, 9 deluxe ocean view rooms and 8 ocean view rooms each with a spectacular 180-degree view of the ocean. Every room comes with daily maid service, air-conditioning, screened windows, gives guests the ability to access wi-fi, and has filtered water that is replenished daily.


This resort is home to the Nuku Bar & Grill and has one pool bar and one beach bar. The Nuku Bar & Grill is an open-air restaurant that overlooks the Bligh waters. The cuisine is based on local Fijian cuisine with influence by the Indian culture and Fiji’s Asian neighbors. Some items on the menu are inspired by cuisines from all around the world. All items are hand-selected daily from the local markets or local organic farmers. In addition to the set menu, Nuku Bar & Grill also offers nightly specials in order to mix it up a little for guests. This restaurant has five-star cuisine and is sure to have something for everybody to enjoy.


The Daulomani Day Spa at Volivoli is sure to set your mind at ease. Located on the water’s edge, trained therapists will put you at total relaxation with their services. Here, you can choose from pedicures, manicures, facials, body buffs, sunburn treatments, and massages. You will leave feeling stress-free and rejuvenated.

Scuba Diving

At Volivoli, you’ll find one of the best places to dive with in Fiji-Ra Divers! Ra Divers is one of Fiji’s oldest dive shops and employs knowledgeable dive guides and instructors, known for their professionalism, friendliness, and expertise. Nondivers can earn their certification during their stay and certified divers can work towards their Advanced Open Water certification. There are over 50 incredible dive sites, most within a 20-minute boat ride. Divers will see breathtaking coral reefs along with some of the local residents such as anemone fish, turtles, and reef sharks. There are also a couple of magnificent wreck dives to explore, ranging between 20-55 meters deep. Ra Divers will show guests the best of the underwater world of Fiji!

Photographs courtesy of Volivoli Resort


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An Introduction to Fiji

Click here to download the Travel Tips PDF for Fiji!

The Fiji Islands, in the South Pacific, are an archipelago of over 330 islands packed with attractions that can be found no where else. They lie at the crossroads of the Pacific, between North America and Australia, and have an interesting blend of various cultures, Melanesian, Polynesian, Indian, European and Chinese. This blend is reflected in the food, the language, architecture and ambiance.

Colonial Levuka, the old European trader settlement and Fiji's former capital, has been officially designated a historic town. A number of buildings date from its boom period in the late 19th century and the main streetscape is surprisingly intact, giving the impression of a town that has stopped in time. Likewise, Suva’s British influence is reflected in its many colonial buildings, including Government House, the Suva City Library and the Grand Pacific Hotel.

Despite outside influences many traditions have remained intact  and today’s visitor can observe time-honored traditions, explore ancient relics, experience well-preserved cultures and share in past legends as they are retold around the kava bowl, Fiji’s traditional ceremonial and social drink.

A nature lover's delight, Fiji has an unspoiled, unique environment of extreme beauty and tranquility. Adrift for millennia in splendid isolation in the blue of the South Pacific it has escaped the evils of industrial progress, the incursions of dangerous animals, poisonous snakes, spiders and pestilent diseases such as malaria.

If variety is the spice of life, then Fiji is scuba diving's red hot chili pepper.

Trying to sum up the special appeal of these waters is like packing a bag for an epic journey through four seasons - or editing years of underwater video into just 30 minutes of tape!

Most people know Fiji as the soft coral capital of the world and that’s true!  But soft corals are only a symbol of Fiji’s complete story: the soft corals vibrant colors and giant size, the diversity of fish and invertebrates that live among their branches, the dramatic changes they undergo in an ancient rhythm of survival with the tides and currents, and the many types of underwater environments in which they thrive.

Fiji’s remarkable soft corals embody all the elements that make Fiji’s reefs so exceptional.  Drama and diversity, brilliant lavish panoramas, deep water rich with food and hiding places for the mysterious and rare Fiji’s marine realm is as dynamic and splendid as nature can be.

With 333 islands surrounded by reefs and the entire spectrum of  underwater terrain, from sharks, rays and 1000 species of fish to the vivid rainbow of  soft corals, sea stars and myriad shrimp, one word does describe Fiji’s extremely diverse diving: color.

Fiji is the color of your wildest dreams - surrender to it and enjoy the view.